Let's defeat that lv30 T-rex!


Compare to lv30 I-raptor, this one is really easy.:thinking:
Didn’t even swap, only one Majunda.


Are you really that surprised that a lvl 30 epic was easier than a lvl 30 unique?


Of course yes. T-rex has strong health and big damage, huge damage seen that she has a lot of chance to do crits.

Luckly, they didn’t make a Gallimimo epic strike event :sweat_smile: She cannot swap cause it’s a one dino event, so forever basic attack 1x damage with gaining 50% chance to Dodge direct damage for 1 turn… at least Indominus’s cloak has an ending time :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I had a son who had to retry twice :frowning: 3 total attempts. Trex crit all 3 attacks first turn, and again first attack second turn. Also used impact, rampage, impact lol.

He eventually got it though.


Nicely done!
I went the neuter route with mono and then finished off with kentrosaurus. Check out this hilarious reward (I did also get 300 mono dna)


Ha they could have at least made it 1 DNA to make it funnier. This is just annoying