Let's discuss compensation

Error 121 has screwed a lot of us. Considering I could battle about 5-8 times an hour casually during work, and say I win half of those (let’s call it 4 and hour - 8 hour shift) that means I’m out about 10,000 coins. Then there’s incubators, let’s give that another 1000 in coins. Then there’s DNA… who’s to say that a diplodocus or two wouldn’t have spawned near me, or out when I was on break. Let’s call that 400 diplo DNA. Then there’s just the whole pain in the butt factor of it all - what’s the usual? 100 hard cash? Let’s make it 250 this time.

Basically it should be an epic incubator with all diplo DNA and 250 HC. Seems fair.


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And a gallon of ice cream. Everyone should get free ice cream as well.


I want balloons…


Or a puppy.


I just want a mini vacation to get away from family.


Give me atleast 500 cash instead of the 250 so we get a boost pack from store next time.

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Everyones’ always got their hand out for any perceived slight or minor inconvenience. Way of the world these days. Sad.


I’d love if the 121 sticks around a few more days (for me). Could help me to finally quit that mess. I’m just to weak by myself.

Umm… perceived? No, it’s real.

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Not me. I just want away from family. Thinking maybe a small trip to Virgin Islands if Ludia can see their way to sending me there to catch some of the water Dino’s.

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But seriously… How about you make sure 1.8 goes through a complete FAT to make sure you eliminate the bugs prior to releasing, I don’t mind waiting… Thank you for your hard work and a great game…

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I said ‘perceived slight’ , I was using slight as a verb, so no, it isn’t.

I have seen in another thread that there were supposed to be boost strike towers and boost sales today. ARGH

Unique dna would be awesome…or a dragon would be cool…

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Snazzy hats!!

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Actually you were using it as a noun in that instance, and you are also implying that I am taking it personally, which I am not. Although, if you do look up the definition of the verb to slight you will find - “to treat with disdain or indifference” which, I think we all would agree, is the way Ludia treats its player base. So, yes - it is a real slight.

I’m sticking with a puppy. But a nice one, one that doesn’t bite.


And fluffy, it HAS to be fluffy :heart_eyes:



If a puppy it would need to have swap in defense shattering rampage and 50% critical… As well as fluffy…