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Let's do some dino trading?

What about dino trading? The trades can only be made within Alliance members. You can’t trade to end up with 8 Thors. You have to maintain only one dino of each. I’m sure many of us have dinos we don’t want and happily trade off for something we need. Of course unless it benefits ludia it’s something that would never come to fruition.

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why? whats the benefit? especially with tourneys going on.

this is not pokemon go

Never said it was

Epic-Rare-Common Trading

Trading not Donation.
I know…i know spoofers.

But what if we have FIXED TRADES

100 Kentro for 100 Anky and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
100 Darwin for 100 T-Rex and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
400 Velociraptor for 400 Tarbo and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
200 Tunja for 200 Dimetrodon and 10 Dinodollars per transaction

Even spoofers would have to sacrifice important DNA to get something plus the Dinodollars
Every week Fixed Trades would change
And there will be a limit in every day trades (maybe 1 epic,3 Rare ,5 Common)

So spoofers can make an uber account?


Hell no.

i believe more of ludia release a dna market (not incubator), a dino market, and so…

we want fun, but they want just money.