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Let's do some math, shall we?

I will leave it to you all since I’m terrible at it.

Regardless, soon we will be seeing CeRATS with this much attack when max boosted:

My question, is how much would CeRATSdamage be towards a 25%,50%, and 75% Vulnerable resist creature?

If its a creature with no vulnerable resist, would that mean that CeRAT will do over 5000 SIA damage? Then another 3k+(depending on armor) on its priority move?

Thats just insane and only increases my hate for it more.

If this is how its going to be, I don’t even want to play anymore. Its just too much and I can’t even properly voice my opinion on the matter.

Yes. It’s like Swap-in Shattering Rampage all over again. If you’re facing something like Skoona or Lux then the Vulnerability will stack, and it’ll be even worse.

1.375x damage against 25%, 1.25x damage against 50% (so same as a crit), and 1.125x damage against 75%

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Why does everyone call ceramagnus cerat, when we have the 2 cerato swappers already its so confusing

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Because its the only one that actually starts with Cera for me. Its the one everyone always associates with swapping too.

(And also because all SIA are rats. So I add it :woman_shrugging:)