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Let's enjoy the game for what it is


I feel like we should be grateful for what we have and what we get I enjoy the game it’s not the best could it be better yes however. To be honest the game just came out and I’m sure Ludia is testing the waters if you will with this event. Yes a lot of things could be better and I’m sure in the future they will be. But let’s just enjoy what we’ve got I feel like we get so boggled down in what we want and don’t have that we start demanding Ludia gives it to us because we feel we deserve it. Like this even sure 3 attempts to get rare and epics doesn’t seem a lot but they are still available by bumping into them randomly or in arena incubators. Sure if we don’t get enough DNA to create the Dinosaurs we start raging about how we should be able to but if we got every Epic and Rare of the first few tries then they wouldn’t be so Rare or Epic. Let’s stop harassing Ludia over things like this and let them work it out It takes time and they aren’t over night going to be able to implement every suggestion or wants we have or fix every little problem we run into the best we can do is send in a support Ticket wait and enjoy what we have until it gets better.


Nice excuses, but lets be honest…
The game went through beta testing.
Unless all beta testers are worthless human beings, the issues should have been ironed out long before release.


it’s not going to be perfect beta test or full launch yeah they should have been able to figures these things out but they are always updating the game taking things out and putting them in so every now and again there are going to be glitches and bugs I’ve run into a few of them myself but they’re doing the best they can I’m sure.


Please don’t use beta testing as an excuse on it should be better. Beta testing is a joke honestly. It’s only as good as the players input. Even the likes of Wow and everquest goes through beta testing and then when it goes live, things ends up a mess. Let them sort things out. It took pogo 2 years and they are still messing things up. Nothing is going to be perfect. It’s a good enough game so far. Agree with OP.


I agree with OP too. I’m loving the game more than Pogo to be honest. The potential of the game is there but I feel that it has been hampered seriously by the drawbacks. A monthly subscription for a mobile game is already groundbreaking on its own. JWA could be spearheading an entirely different aspect of mobile gaming if they could be bolder in their vision and have more conviction (and not give in to noisy minority) this game will be one for the ages. Right now I’m just riding along for the joy and love I have for dinosaurs And the JP franchise. When Ludia finally convince me that they’re serious I’ll support them with my $$$


But the one time offers are really too much money.


I agree and that’s where many games fail. Hope Ludia don’t fall into the same money grabbing gimmick. Players have seen to much of it and will drop it like a hot Rock. The real profit is in getting players so engaged in the game they feel its worth paying subscriptions for. That’s monthly and stable income. Plus all the accessories and customization they could also pay for like any MMORPGs nowadays. Freemium games are what’s destroying mobile gaming. The endless greed of asking players to buy another one time deal with ever increasing amount of cash grab tactics drive players away.


True but ludia has to make money some way and that is through micro transactions we don’t have to buy the offers and they are giving us free content. We basically play a free game and in order for it to stay that way they offer one time offers that get more expensive in hopes of pulling in revenue. Most of the offers are probably meant for paying players anyways who are going to support regardless