Let's find a halfway point on boosts

As a long standing player, the consistent thing about Ludia’s updates are “major” changes. A major change is anything that greatly affects the dynamics of the basic game flow. This topic is specifically about those done to dinos.
With the introduction of boosts there has been an uproar in the community. One that grows exponentially in the negative direction with every new update.
Players spend their time and even hard earned money to invest in this game. They dedicate themselves to a team of dinos and start boosting but find themselves angry and defeated every time Ludia comes out with an update because it greatly affects their hard work and most times ruins it.
Ludia has tried to cushion some of this but to no avail. Players don’t want to boost a stat only to need that boost back because of an update but end up with half of what they invested.

I have a solution that may be in the best interest for both players and Ludia that I would like others’ input on…

When Ludia does any update that changes the moveset of a dino no matter if it is active or passive, that particular dino is reset. Meaning that any player who has invested boosters on that dino will have those boosts completely refunded. It will only be for that specific dino though. Boosts on other dinos that have not had their moveset changed will remain on those dinos and will be subject to the 50% refund Ludia has in place.
The second part to this would be that any time Ludia introduces brand new dinos into the game, all dinos will be reset. Meaning all boosts will be completely refunded from all dinos. This allows players the option to invest boosts into these new dinos instead of previous ones.

This structure seems like a reasonable halfway point.
Ludia can still make all the changes it wants on updates and still generate income from the purchases of in game items, including boosts.
Players can feel more comfortable knowing that all of the work they put into boosting isn’t for not every time an update occurs.

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First part has been suggested many times before, but it’s probably not gonna happen. Many dinos get minor tweaks and they’re not gonna refund all players all the time when this happens. People also don’t wanna reboost (just as I hated having to respec in WoW every now and then. I’m a frost mage, OK, let me be!).
The second one is a bit ridiculous since there is new additions to the game every patch. No way Ludia will refund so often.
Extra discount might be a thing, like you get 75% back instead of 50% for 1 week after extra patch, but not a full refund. It’s not gonna happen.


Thank You for your input! I can see why there would be an annoyance in a full reset. They have had to do that a few times now and you are right it can get exhausting having to reboost dinos you wanted to stay boosted. My thought was to allow you to reboost but give you a larger option to alter your boosts even on dinos you like. Adjusting to fit need.
A 75% refund for a week is also a reasonable offer that I would not be opposed to though. :+1:t5:


BE THE BEST FROST MAGE YOU CAN BE! No judgement here. :grin:

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This could be a clue but if you take a closer look,ludia have stopped to change the stats of almost every dino so people stop complain about “You change mydino’s stats,i want a refund”
But at the very least,every update,they only buff creatures which completly change the meta and you know…
Buffing 10 dino every update will make your boosted dino(thor as an example) in 6 month useless

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Thank You for you input! If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying that boosts are no longer a concern for players. I’m confused since it was only 2-3 updates ago that the entire dynamic of boosts changed and then the update after that they changed Maxima, Indo gen 2, and Draco movesets and it had people very upset partly because their boosts to these creatures needed to change to accommodate this. All three of these dinos got a “rebalance” and they weren’t “buffed” , they were “nerfed.”
Your last sentence is what this post is trying to alleviate. I have other games that I play and they add characters and other features but NONE OF THEM have ever changed a current moveset of an already released character in the way Ludia does. They rarely add a moveset and give you the option to cycle different movesets with an item (Pogo) but nothing beyond that.
Dinos can become obsolete by way of new dinos and movesets but when my dino is working just fine for me it isn’t Ludia who should come in and destroy all of my hard work by altering my dino. Especially when my dino would suffice just fine against new dinos and new movesets those dinos would have but none of the old dinos get because they were released before those moves existed.
In essence, I don’t want my dino to useless in 6 months because of a change to it. I wouldn’t care if my dino became useless because of new dinos and their new movesets though.

I think,you miserunderstood my point.
I talk you maybe they change the moveset but they don’t change anymore the stats.
Of course some dinos are weakened but in 1.12,i notice there were only buff and somehow,the dinos which needed a nerf won’t receive any and as they said: “everything is fine with it”
i hate boosts aswell,it could have been a fun addition if it was easy to obtain (1 of each every 3 days)but the fact is you have to work hard to obtain only 1 boost ,it should be easier to obtain

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Why not just stay unboosted? If you have a team average of least all 21, and good dinos, you should be able to stabilize in Aviary with no boosts… If significantly higher then Library even.

The only difference is…Seasonal DNA? Tournament DNA?
In that case, you have to ask yourself if a few thousand potentially but not necessarily hard-to-get DNA is worth all the time, money and frustration.
All it takes is one new update to completely kick a dino out of the meta, and make that seasonal DNA worth less than half as much.
Not to mention if you’re in it for the DNA to create new hybrids for your team, you’re going to be forced to boost them to make them viable.

There’s just so much to lose, and relatively so little to gain.
If you’re in it for completing the Dinodex, boosts won’t help you that much.

If you boost dinos just for laughs to destroy strike
towers and surprise the occasional arena opponent, you don’t really have much to lose, on the other hand. That sounds like a “fun customisation element”.

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Boosts added an element to the game that was needed because before them, whoever had the highest level dino had the advantage. Boosts evened the field. The problem now is that all of these adjustments in updates are counterintuitive. It wouldn’t have been an issue if dino movesets were never altered. If only new dinos introduced new movesets. That didn’t happen though. So here we are trying to find an even ground because you are right, it is somewhat hard to get boosts. That doesn’t bother me though. What bothers me is the boost cap of 30. When that happened, my whole team went down. If they simply said each attribute could be boosted 20 times and it didn’t matter you dino level or anything then it wouldn’t have been such an issue.

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Thank You for you input! I play this game for all of the features. I am not good with settling in Aviary or Library if I know there is a higher echelon I can reach. Where bigger and better prizes are won. I introduced this game to my gf a few months ago and I know they lock boosting ability until players reach lvl 10 but then what? Those players start boosting completely worthless dinos in an attempt to gain some ground and then hit a 50ft thick cement ceiling. All because they are new and don’t fully grasp the rash decision they are making? Since I have been in this game since around launch of the app, I told her “whatever you do, DO NOT boost anything!” I had to explain how much she would ruin her game if she didn’t wait until she unlocked the best of the best. She has me coaching her on what dinos from epics and legendaries make it into the higher ranks and succeed so she knows who to concentrate on. Here is a prime example of how messing with the dinos in place damages the game… Before boosts existed-Erlidominus was a prime unique on most teams, Introduction of boosts-Erlidominus became almost worthless and rarely seen in battle, New boosting system-Erlidominus is back on everyone’s team. The same thing happened with Procerothomemus, Indominus gen1, Indoraptor gen1, and the list keeps going. Ludia won’t let anyone build a solid team and be able to stick with it for long because of the updates. We need a solid system that won’t change at the ground level anymore. Not a foundation that keeps being destroyed underneath us every time we start rebuilding from the last update.

I’m pretty sure Erlidominus has always been used whenever possible. If it wasn’t at some point, I’d imagine that was because of the dodge nerf, not boosts. I actually faced boosted Erlidoms in boosts 1.0, even though I wasn’t even near Aviary.
But I have heard that Erlidom was worth using even during the dodge nerf.

How so? Everyone got boosts. If only the players with the lower level creatures got boosts, that would make sense, but that’s not what happened.

That cap was the reason we were looking forward to boosts 2.0. You see, when you could boost everything to tier 20 at any level, eventually everyone would go to a point where it would be like boosts never existed.
If you make literally everything stronger by “x” amount, its the same as if nothing was changed at all.

This is what players didn’t like, so they made it so that you couldn’t boost everything to 20 in every stat. This means there are multiple versions of a max boosted creature, it could be 20 health 10 speed, it could be 10 in each stat, etc. This way there’s variety, and strategy to boosting.
Also the cap being affected by level was supposed to make the game less pay-to-win.


I believe the game developers desire to create an environment that makes boost investment a worthy investment for players to keep buying. There are players who are afraid to buy and invest boost, because they are afraid a dinosaur will get nerfed.
If the investment is soon worthless making it a strong short term risk, than many people won’t make the investment.

To alleviate fears of a purchase soon being considered worthless, I support the idea of the player being allowed to reset a boost on a dinosaur, whenever a dinosaur is changed.

It makes the purchase and use of boost less of a short term risk.

Yes there is a long term risk of power creep, but that is a different story.


It didn’t even the playing field. It just shifted the advantage from whoever worked to get their team to higher level dinosaurs to whoever is willing to spend the most on their team.

People with higher level dinosaurs should move up and they will face their peers in battle. Boosts have got the match maker in such a mess that more oft than not players are not facing their peers.

I wouldn’t have a problem with boosts if; They didn’t increase stats by the overpowering amounts they do or if they were restricted to only dinosaurs that had reached max level (level 30).

Is there any reason that a level 24, 25, 26 unboosted team should ever face a team with level 27 - 30 super boosted dinosaurs?


Ofcourse dinosaurs that were higher level were stronger before boosts, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, that’s why dinosaurs have levels.

Boosts made it so low level teams can stomp teams that put in more actual effort into their teams. Take my 27 Indoraptor, that thing was a nightmare for me coz we didnt have alliance rewards, donations and the like, so much grinding involved on my part.

Then they added boosts and on day one my Indo was one shotted by a Thor that was base level 21, how exactly is someone’s spending undoing a year of work even remotely justified?

And it doesn’t add any sort of variety, it locks teams in and causes the monetized dinosaurs to exist.

Boosts are literally cancerous to arena, as was rat.

They need to go for the health of the game.

As for the OP they could let players slowly grind and earn free boost resets in the meantime until they are removed.


think this is the first time this has been suggested. i like it.


You are correct. The level cap did add an extra element of people customizing even at the top end by not allowing it to all become just randomized yet it still will in a sense if all your lvl 30 dinos are speed boosted to max and so are your opponents. I guess then it would come down to luck of the random draw and how effectively you spaced out your other boosts.

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Thank You for your input!

Thank You for your input! I just responded to Qaw on this same notion. I can see some of your point in there being a restriction to the use of boost and there is one but it is at a much lower player level. I believe the player (not the dino) needs to be at lvl 11 before they can unlock boosting.
What I see in the future is that since speed has zero ability to increase without boosts, the final hurrah will be capping speed. Without it players will have to rely on being able to take down dinos while having the disadvantage of going first. This will become especially noticable when facing dinos who have immunity traits. So the final outcome for the top players will inevitably become a random feature just like it was before boosts.

Thank You for your input! The monetary spending to gain the advantage is something no company whether app game or your local grocery store is going to remove. It isn’t a fathomably successful concept because the very fabric of our society is built on financial gain to be ahead of the competition. In any walk of life the hardest grinders aren’t guaranteed a spot among the top because those with the money will overrule that grind every time.

I am curious about your “let players slowly grind and earn free boost resets” Can you please elaborate on what this would look like?

As of now we all know we can take our hard earned grinding to get boosts and lose half of it to recall a boost we placed but it sounds like you’re design implements a slightly different feature to this…

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Thank You for your input!

But why though? Many top players have said time and time again that speed boosts in the case of most tanks and chompers aren’t really necessary, but they most certainly are in the case of speedsters.
For creatures like Grypolyth and Tryko, it makes sense to invest all your boosts into health and damage only, and it’s the same with other tanks and chompers.

Sure, there’s quite a few players with speedy Thors, but they will have reduced health and damage once the boosts cap, and they will likely still be slower than boosted speedsters.

The tussle between this logic and the temptation to speed boost everything will mean that most players will end up with at least slightly different builds in the end.