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Let's get some data

So, we all know that match making is a bit jacked up right now.
I’m curious to see what everyone faces on a daily basis, average team level, average boosts, current score, and your team.

My Team

My most recent opponent
This is normal for me to battle. Opponent team average is about 26.

My current score
Since momentarily jumping to Library for the first time, I’ve battled tougher teams with t7+ boosted dinos.

None of my creatures are boosted over T6. Most are boosted around T5 with speed or attack at T6.

This is a normal Thor for me:

I don’t bother with capturing the Dracos. :laughing: Most do 3500+ on swap in.

My team.

Nothing above t6, mostly t5s.

This is on the lower end of the thors.

Most recent opponent.

Current score.

I haven’t faced any DC yet that does over 3300 yet. Mostly in the 2500-2800 range.

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Well, this is my team and score

And I guess we can have an idea of opponents just by comparing Thors and rats… Here’s the kind of Thor I face, but the average is level 29

Still I usually beat their butts unless it has the rat as backup… which unfortunately is the case for 99% of the teams out there, so my only hope is that it’s not selected…


My team:

My score:

Most recent opponent:

Most of my boosts are T5, some are 6.

Here is my line up and rough arena score. I fluctuate between 4600-4800. All of mine are boosted between 4-6 with none at 7. A couple have 3s (indo, indom, and rat). I spent 2 weeks without rat but had to return to using him due to the high number of Thor+rat combos I saw plus I’m lacking a few other possible dinos to hopefully remove rat as he is boring.

Here is most recent battle. This is about average although statistically I would say overall the consistency I notice is more in the Dino levels rather than the “rarity” of the dinos. Some teams I face have 1 or no uniques but all are level 24-26 which is enough to take me down if it’s the right boasted dinos. Usually Thor and rat are 1-2 levels higher than the rest of their team. Usually most of their dinos are boosted between 4-6 with occasionally Thor being 7s

My team average is around 22-23. Many times I will face a team with a couple 26-28 dinosaurs but when I look at the rest of their team it’s usually 19-22. Of course I usually get crushed by their high level dinosaurs if they have them selected.

I was thinking that when it comes to averaging a team level, since a single high level dinosaur can wipe lower leveled teams the lower level dinosaurs should have insignificant impact on the average and the average should be based significantly off the high level dinosaurs on the team. ie, any dinosaur that is lower in level than two levels below the highest level dinosaur would be averaged in at a level two levels lower than the highest level dinosaur in the team. If you want to put a level 28 Thor and a level 27 Rat on your team of four level 22’s and two level 23’s your team average will be figured as a 28, a 27 and six 26’s so team average would be 26.375, not 23.625. This means that 28 Thor and 27 Rat will be battling teams around level 26-28 instead of easily wiping out level 23/24 teams. It would also mean that it would be important to keep your team levels within a couple levels of each other. No more putting a single level 12 dinosaur on a high level team to bring the overall average down. Of course this is very simplified and doesn’t take boosts into consideration but I already think boosts should also be reworked only giving a slight advantage, not the huge devastating increases that they currently give.

One of my recent fights…
This is my team:
As you can see I try to keep it balanced. And this is part of what I’ve faced today:

I’ve said that already - I know that people like me should not be able to get to aviary cause my dinos are too weak, but boosts and bit of luck can tip the scales in your favour and that is possible.
Plus let’s be honest - it’s not all about boosts and levels and counters do matter. Utahsino takes down thor even 3-4lvls higher, erlidom takes down rat 2-3lvls higher, maxima eats indoraptors 2-3 lvls higher, and I’ve taken down tryko 4-5lvls higher with some mind games using yoshi and smilocep duo.

But I get this cought confirmation bias cought feeling of being cheated by MM because since sorna marshes I’ve never been matched with teams with all dinos couple levels lower - even after long loosing streaks.

“erlidom takes down rat 2-3lvls higher”…

If rat don’t take it down first. Too many rats can swap in one hit an Erlidominus.

Nope… I often leave low level health dino as bait and keep erlidom as a rat killer. If rat doesn’t show up then I feel free to use it since there might not be one around. It’s a gamble and sometimes I loose to rat finisher, but it works more often than bot.

Just curious, what are the boost levels of your team?

Just wondering if you gain speed advantage a lot.

Maxima 5/5/0, tragod 4/4/4, smilo 4/4/5 rest is 5/5/5.
I don’t get speed advantage that often, but then there goes tactic. Every utahsino I meet opens up with distraction - if mine is slower I go with slow than stun then. Sure mine looses but then it’s a set up for yoshi. I pretty often rely on revenge kills, and that works enough to stay in aviary


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