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Let's give Stygidaryx an ill-conceived, OP, utility knife move

I’m thinking something like:

Crippling Swoop -

.33% DoT
90% Distraction
50% Speed Reduction 1 turn
Automatic Swap

Why not? If anyone deserves to go from worst to first, it’s Stygy.


You forgot

X2 damage
+50% heal for self and next creatur


Would love for it to have a damaging attack with superiority strike instead of 2 dot swap attacks

Also it should have priority maybe

Only .33 DoT? Some things are immune to DoT so it needs to be .66 for balance

Sure, why not? It needs love.

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New move “dive”, priority, fly up on the sky and attacks at the end of the turn with a dive attack hiting tru armor, evasion, and break shields, while in the air it’s imune to any type of damage, increase speed by 50% 2 turns, deals 3x damage and apply vunerability for 2 turns, 1 turn cooldown

Give it this ability called “Death Loop" it’s basically a regenerating rampage stun and run that then automatically comes back in with a Swap in definite stunning leathal Rampage. That’ll do it :sunglasses::smiling_imp::rofl:


Definite Rending Rampage - deal 0.5x hp damage and 2x damage as definite rampage.

I really want stygidaryx to reach tyrant one day, like Magna, dio, Gemini and maxima did.

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The dragon is one of my favourite looking Dinos, would be great if it wasn’t as much use as a chocolate teapot in the arena…

I was really hoping Tuco was back.
Necro troll. LOL

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Daryx is my favourite as well…

But I use her all the time. She’s not awful but not amazing, she’s decent

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