Let's go back to Tank meta

This voracious catering to Thor and the Rat is getting ridiculous. It is becoming clear that it does not require skill to operate both. Let’s bring back the tank meta because I feel it would make progressing through the arena a doable task. Let’s make it happen.


Rat losing its shattering rampage might already be contributing to tanks showing up more often. I have Nodopatotitan on my team.


It’s the same move but with a different name granted now you cannot break shields

Armor reduces taken damage too. Some people made the mistake of landing a Draco on my Noodle Titan, then made the mistake again to sit around and see if Noodle can kill the Draco. It did.

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That really was hardly a nerf though; thanks to boosts the rat can easily make up for the lost damage against armour; since swap in is priority shields have to ALREADY be up to have an effect, and tanks will remain less viable overall so long as the meta is ruled by armour eaters like Thor and Tryko.


Wouldn’t boosting the HP of the tank be a response to the rat attack boost? Though they should have never raised Draco’s attack, it was bad enough for squishy /non-armored critters.

I replaced two dinos that used to get one-shotted by the rat (L24 Erlidom and L26 Dilorach) with my trusty L30 Tragod and Stegod, and I am still climbing in Aviary. Before I made the change I was stuck in mid-to-low Lockwood.

Now I’m sure part of this is due to the current matchmaking system “punishing” players for using uniques and favoring them when they use legendaries, but I can tell you that my decision to run 4 tanks has cut down significantly on the rattings and made battling much more enjoyable. I am also seeing more tanks in the arena.


I don’t want there to be a specific meta, just a balanced meta lol
right now it is the closest this game has been to that, believe it or not. Except we have boosts. I call this the boost meta more than anything.

Agree. If boosts are not taken into account, all the movesets and the stats are well balanced. We have speedy but glassy attackers, we also have slow chompers and also high HP tanks to tackle against the speedies. Bleeders also find their places in the meta. The only weak ones are the birds, but they are already better than before. What made this chaos is the boosts.

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How is this team not battling at least in the 5k trophy range? Seeing half the team is lvl30.
Are they lightly boosted?

Before 1.7 and boosts I was almost always over 5,000 trophies, and sometimes even top 300-500. 1.7 matchmaking knocked me down to mid-to-low Lockwood, where I was stuck until I made the changes to my team mentioned earlier in this thread . The tanks are good rat counters, so hopefully I can get back to the 5k range.

It is pretty much evenly boosted, but my highest is tier 5.

Right I feel as well it’s pretty brutal battling in 5k trophy range now, on average the tier is 6 or higher per dino.

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Yes will definitely support this movement :smile:
I have both Stegod and tragod at lvl26 and able to go higher, but benched for a long time due to current meta.

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Level and boosts?

I want to change my mind, making some variety on my team. I already have a really annoying 23 Purrutaurus and 25 Edmontoguana but I want a tank with really high HP.

Is it working for you?

How is it the same move with different name? It can’t break shields and it can’t bypass armour. Any tank with armour and shield is gonna make most rat owners hold-off using the swap-in.

I really hope tank meta can return somehow.

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Mostly because they make stupid mistakes like ratting too early and trying to fight Nodo. The Nodo is used mostly for gaining speed advantages for my chompers, but it’s interesting when a rat takes a decel impact and I can drop Kapro on it if Draco’s too low on HP (1046 or under) and is about to regen.
I’ve heard that the highest HP would be Geminititan, though it’s more focused on attack and has no armor.

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I approve of any team using any of the Noodletitans as Sauropods are massively underplayed!

My new swapper team has GiraffeNoodle on it now, as it has swap in slow to synergise with the rest of the swappers!

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I wish Swap In Slow were passed onto Noodle Titan. It seems to be lacking something. It’s defense and slowing oriented but could use either a Swap in Slow or a Swap In Shield. Or just give it the counter of Nodopatosaurus (0.5) and it’s all set.

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Yup would love it to have some sort of swap in ability, or at the very least a rampage!

I think it is mainly because unless you have them at a decent level they aren’t as good as other dinosaur options. They are seen as just speed bumps and slow battles down.