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Let's guess the new hybrids components


This are my guesses, lets see yours!
Iguanodon + edmontosaurus
Alankylo + stigy (gen 2?)
Dimodactylus (?) + Darwin
Procerato + tany (?)
Hatzegopteryx + dsungaripterus (?)
Koola (i don’t know, It could be g1 or g2) + ?

  1. Ramphorynchus (New flier) + Dimodactylus = Unique flier 1 (Ramphodactylus)
  2. Darwinopterus + Hatzegopteryx = Legendary flier (Darwinopteryx)
  3. Edmontosaurus + Iguanodon = Epic herbivore (Edmontoguana)
  4. Tanycolagreus + Proceratosaurus = Epic carnivore (Proceratogreus/Tanycolasaurus)
  5. Alankylosaurus + Stygimoloch Gen2 = Unique flier 2 (Alankylomoloch)
  6. Koolasuchus + Sarcosuchus/Purrusaurus = Koolasaurus (from JW The Game)

Iguanodon + Diplodocus

Dimodactylus + Tany

Dsunga + Arambourgiania

Koola g2 + Draco g2

Hatzegopteryx + Stygi g2

Procerato + Concavenator


Are these components for sure?


They are guesses but some of the best I’ve seen so far


No, It’s just my speculation based on their look and metahub’s article.

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Here’s article if ya wanna read it


Yeah, this is probably what they are.
And, according to the metahub datamine, the “unique flyer 2” should be called stygidarex.


The horn on that unique bird looks like monolometrodon to me


How about monolometrodon x alankylosaurus?

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Hybrids x Hybrids can’t happen
Its alankylo + stygi


Duh you’re right. None of those components explain the big horn though. Still wondering if its monolometrodon x some other flier


Or it could be the new legendary flyer + stygi, because that unique doesnt have any armor on it and that way it would explain the big horn.


There still might be more and those are just teasers


Yeah those are just teasers, there will be more.


Folks, so there is no Super-hybrid for our beloved Suchotator?

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There shouldnt be one for 1.6 sadly, lets hope for 1.7 along with carno and conca.


(200) level15 Brachiosaurus + (50) level 20 Monolometrodon = a mighty tall high hit point Brachiometrodon unique that has passive immunity with a 2X shield shattering stomp, a 1.5x distracting slow, a nullifying strike and defense shattering strike. Also 10% armor and 111 speed and 30% chance of a critical hit.

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