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Let's guess what's new in 1.6


I guess they will:

  1. nerf good dinos
  2. make another common OP to grind more money
  3. add even more bugs without fixing old ones
  4. reduce green SD so there will be only one per city
  5. leave cheaters alone cause they pay

What’s yours expectations from Ludia?


the update will be there are no updates

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Basically they will nerf everything except coins requirement for lvling up dinos.


I could honestly care less about everything, I just want Saurophaganax to be added. I also would like another Postimetrodon Hybrid.


Swap in Shattering Rampage will get +2 lockdown - bye bye Dracosploit G2
Distracting Rampage will get +1 delay - bye bye Pyrritator, congrats Utarinex you’ve been relegated to revenge killer.
Superior Strike will become +50% slow - cancelling any advantage other slowing moves may have.

I think that’s enough to start with.


Hoping for better alliance system with some new features


i dont think they will make those changes except for sıa shatter which obviously will happen. superiority strike will be weird and diloracheirus will be all the meta and dist rampage just destroys pyrrit and utahrinex which both are not problematic in the current meta or if they do they will give those dinos some new attacks

  1. Add a new op unique and put his main ingredient in local 1/2.
  2. Add a new op unique from already existing ingredients in local 2/1.
  3. Move erlik away from local 3 and make Rex stop spawning there.
  4. Introduce another new and creative way to degrade local 3 players.
  5. Make the ingame day shorter.
  6. Make more previously night-only spawns all-day or even day-only.
  7. Day-only dinos should only spawn on weekdays. No reason you should get them if you don’t prove your loyalty to the game by quitting your job.

all the same to local 4 ers as well


They’ll probably introduce a new dino type scent and then nerf the corresponding spawns to fleece more money from players.

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More spawns for L1-L5.
More varied spawns for L1-L5.
Alliance chat gets fixed, adds DM in alliance. Leaders get tools to track members activity and donations/DNA received.
Nerf Draco G2 by removing SISR.
Speed indicator bug resolved.
Strike towers disappear after completion to correct spawns from being trapped.
Strike tower access increased to drone range for safety reasons.
New strong hybrids using DNA from both donors that was and is commonly available.
Code to thwart spoofing and other exploits.
Easter egg containing evidence of who killed JFK, where Hoffa is and Sasquatch DNA.

I think each and every one of these are equally likely to be included in 1.6

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Lethal Wound will be reduced to either .25x for 3 turns or .33x for 2 turns.

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but then it wouldnt be lethal


1.5 brought out the bleeders which there were a lot of complaints and even my wife noticed the constant barrage of lethal wound dinos being the first one people throw out. So her first is always an immune one.

They got everyone to invest in bleeders over the last couple months… well, it’s time to nerf those and throw something else out there good players will want to grow.

It also took the fun challenge out of single level 30 epic strike towers that had dino’s you could bleed to death with a level 1 Dimorphodon.

I wouldn’t be surprised they completely change the bleed so bleed is based on the level of the bleeder rather than an X% of opponents hit points. It would be better if bleed was based on the X% of the bleeders hit points. Then a level 10 Dimorphodon’s lethal would would do only 458 damage for 3 turns plus it’s attack on it’s opponent which would be more realistic.


Introduce 10-15 new Dinos


@Oriondestiny Bleeders’ DOT used to be based on the attacker’s dmg before the change. They might switch it back now people have invested a lot into bleeders.

In all honesty, I would like Epic DNA trading in alliances. It was data mined a while ago so it’s possible.


That would be the end of the game for a lot of people. Ludias inability or unwillingness to do anything against spoofers, and epic dna trading so people can just spoof on alts and funnel to their main… Yeah, that would be the end of it for legit players.

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They are finaly gonna stop screw ing over night players and let everything spawn no matter if its dark or light out.

Wait, it was just a dream, a wonderful awesome dream.


Although spoofers will make that completely destroy the game, you will see level 5 players with level 30 epics

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Even if my beloved Suchotator gets its bleed nerfed I’ll still love it.