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Let's guess, why somebody might have this team

I just wonder, how should you play to get this team? May be somehow you face only epic dinos to make uniques and you cannot find any spino, utha and kapro to evolve simple legendary? :thinking:

And let’s play a game. Name an alliance from which this player is :laughing:


well in local 5 there are only epic spawns most of the time so this is why spinota and dracocreatops are so low level :S


Gotta say my spinota is a 21 because my megalo is a 29.5 and my dracocera also a 21 because I donated all of my dg2 to the 50 daily alliance requests. I definately see the issue though :slightly_smiling_face: erlidom is still transparent though…

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Of course! :slight_smile:
And a special channel to L5 doesn’t help anyhow :smile:

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I really don’t understand one thing about all this L5 term (joke); I assume this is about those cheaters who does spoofing, correct?

If yes then still this doesn’t mean that they have to find Epic spawns (which are really low in game)? If they have to rely on spawns (or spend money on scents) then how come they can have level 30 Uniques easy?

They send coords to each other

He might simply prioritize evolving uniques over legendaries when it’s time to spend coins…

I always thought that the spawns are local to device/account?

Like I could see a Epic on iOS but not on Android at the same time/location.

Easy. You can carry only so many darts and bots don’t run perfect paths at catching every supply drop.
So if you don’t want the bot to miss epic spawns you can’t be letting it dart just every spawn it encounters.

No. As far as I can tell, the only thing that truly influences spawns is local/park zones. When I got my friend into the game originally, we were definitely seeing the same spawns, so it’s at least not account specific. He lives an entire state away now, so that’s why I say “originally”.

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I play with my kids all the time… the only spawns that are device specific are proximity spawns. All other spawns are universal with one exception. On occasion one of us may have a strike tower where the other 2 have a green supply depot. This is a fairly rare occasion though and its normally isolated to one specific depot/tower.

There are large discord channels with the sole purpose of sharing cords. Any screenshots of these channels have been cords to epic dinos.

In a thread not to long ago @TheMaxx posted a collection of screens shots of people talking in that channel along with screenshots of their jwa accounts. Unfortunately the post has been deleted.