Let's have some fun with my boosts: reassignment considerations

So heres my team

It isnt the first time I’ll have done a 100% dump of all my boosts to reallocate them - so I’m considering it again.

As the meta has continued to evolve and new dinos have been added older dinos aren’t as relevant.

I’m wondering if, just for fun here, we can go through and “what if” my team. What if I dumped all my boosts and redistributed them? What would be most optimal?

I’m debating, for example, dumping everything from magna and erl and dumping them into ardent and maybe nemys (1 fuse from 24).

What would you do?

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I won’t get rid of magna at all, but i wouldn’t have boosted it like that: it is the opposite archetype that i normally see for it (example of the most common maxed magna: 5k hp, 2k damage, 152-158 speed, so a 5-10-15 boost scheme). Erlidom should be quite effective with that team and boost archetype.
My goal for tryko is balanced hp-damage and not focused on hp. Regarding Nemys i think it needs more hp and damage due to the new immunity to decel and the new decel base move.


Thanks!! I’ll reclaim those health boosts on magna and out them into ardent then.

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The dino in your lineup that benefits more from health boost is dio. But it depends on if you’re looking to keep it until “end game”. All i know for sure is that Maxima is stronger and you never get wrong boosting Maxima’s health

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Yeah dio is kinda placeholder-y. Thanks @Marco_A!!

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I’m debating dumping all my boosts from quetz into ardent. Thoughts?

You only get half back

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Yeah :frowning: So the question is: what’s more valuable - 100% in quetz or 50% in ardent?

Do you like quetz? Maybe if you already assigned 5 health boost to Maxima from Magna it could be ok for now and mantain your Quetz as it is for the moment

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