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Let's hear your 1,000 IQ plays in the Arena

Would love to hear your story in regard to a certain move/play you made in the arena that was memorable to you.


-Both lead with Erlidominus
-I use Rampage while he goes for minimal speedup strike
-He goes for cloak and I use Strike and Run, swapping into Procerathomimus, disabling his cloak and speedup buff, while also outrunning him as well
-I finish him off with Nullifying Strike

The one time Swap In Nullify was useful XD

  • Love the idea of 2 dinos laying on the ground together.
  • Love the idea that Diplovenatar rock the game.
  • Love the idea of two creatures cloak.


Went for ready to crush instead of fs on Tryostronix. I thought welp, GG(we were tied 2-2). Then my opponent swaps to a super Dsungaia, which was on low hp. It went for regen. DSR crit and 1 shot it.

Not a smart play, but extremely lucky nonetheless


I can’t really remember a skill differential between an opponent and myself with the exception of the last trophy reset.
Opponent kept trying to instant distract my Magna.
That’s the only battle of note that I really remember and I’ve never seen it since.

I had someone with quetzorion try to use sidestep when he would’ve killed my erlidom had he just done a normal hit lol and he knew i didn’t have draco. No idea what he was thinking, i used speed up strike then 1 hit ko him.

Spinotasuchus > Lethal Wound > Swoop > Baldcat > Swap in Stun > Pounce > Rampage & Swap > Dracobomb :boom:



Stygidaryx, a swoop into smiloceph swap in stun, bleed damage + pounce + bleed damage :smiley: Quite a lethal combo in the right scenario. I somehow managed to pull it off twice in one match, Tragodistis and Allosino fell victim to it


Iv had the exact same with my Ardentismaxima and Geminititan :smiley: Its beautiful to watch

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I can’t wait to get my own Maxima. Ardonto is now lvl 19 and a half and I’m focusing on him now, since I’ve got the Spyx today.

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I don’t know if this counts… I just got insanely lucky…

I switched into monomimus, which activated swap in dodge. At the time this removed 100% of all damage rather then 66%. My opponent switched into the rat, activating swap in shattering rampage. Since I had swap In dodge on, the rampage did NOTHING. And to add insult to Injury, it had low health already. So a hit from nullifying Impact after just killed it. Awesome.



I’m in Badlands, but when I throw out Alanqa when someone throws out dracoceratops/indominus
Then use long invincibility after


I posted this legendary moment for me on reddit while ago. Not that 1,000 IQ, just guessing game :slight_smile:



Not sure if these count but …
How did this rat get into this situation?

It fought against my Erlikospyx, who distracted it as it rampaged.
Rat regens, gets hit with a rampage, then leaves.
Purutaurus is sent in exchange and receives a bleed that leaves it at 700-something HP. Perfect within Kapro’s 889 range.
Erlikospyx looks like juicy rat bait now that it has lower HP due to the rampage + counter. Rat also happens to be within Kapro 1 shot range.
I swap with Kapro, and opponent swaps in rat, as predicted. Rat gets nullified.

This other one was a bit of a risk:

At first my Utasino finished off a Thor with crit impact. I kept its Instant Charge ready, hoping to scare the Erlidom I knew opponent still had.
Opponent cloaked, fearing that IC would kill the Erlidom. Even though my Utasino is lvl 20 unboosted.
I swap in Erlidom exactly as theirs cloaked.
I cloak during the turn theirs rampage, and I survive.
Then I survive the min speedup strike too, still cloaked. I rampage and win.

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