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Let's imagine new game mechanism to include to the game


This game is keep evolving in a good way but since 1.4 patch,we keep developping the “swap in” gameplay.I am not bored,the idea is very interesting and allow new kind of strategy.
But i think,they should start to work on new game mechanism.
For example:
-Dino doing an effect on death(for exemple:stun,lock,bleed,doing damage,buffing the next dino,giving him more chance of crit,reducing opponent crit for x turn,giving shield to your next dino…you can use your imagination!)
-hit and heal (for exemple 10% of hp or 20,remove all negative effects or not?)
-Dino doing % of mirror dmg (not including the bleeding effect or not?)
-Steal effect and hit?(Steal shield,steal increase of dmg or crit)
-Reflect effect (reflect bleed,reflect nullifying strike)

The more game mechanism we can add,the more interesting the game can be i think.
Do you guys have ideas to bring to a new game mechanisms???

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I’m waiting for the death bloat skill. When yourdino dies it sits there rotting and bloating until on a random attack it pops releasing putrid gas and bacterilocical infection that kill the opponent dinosaur. It’s gift to the next Dino is avoidance and it see the mess that was it friend and fights harder with more critical impacts shields and less effected by bleed and slowing skills… pure terror born adrenaline is a powerful drug

Or maybe my going out Dino could activate Meth drop… I would cause my dinosaurs speed and attack to increase take less damage for three turns then after 3 turns it’s teeth will fall out speed become zero and health reduce by half because it lost so much weight.


oh common,i was serious!
Actually,you can see more and more topic on the general about people letting know “swap gameplay is trash” "swap gameplay is unfair " ect…
I disagree with them but instead of blaming ludia for a gameplay which is boring,give them insteresting feathur in the game!


Im sorry i meant no disrespect. Plenty of offence. Hopefully some laughs.

I do like the idea of a sacrificial set up Dino. The skills would allow alot of tactical usage.

Skills I would like would be stuff for status effects

Slows stuns decreased attacks cloak removals

And attack buffs speed ups etc.

I would like to see damage ala swoop and swap out damage but allowing for buffs and debug would be cool


Yeah,i think there is lots of possibility in this kind of gameplay!
and atleast you can boost some dinos which have nothing or else,let a bomb on the battlefield


Exactly. Dying shield or speed up followed by a carnotaurus would be very very cool or a dying slow down of 2 turns followed by a swap in of majungasucus would be a great combo. It would allow for more team work on your team to allow for you to over come Dino’s inerrant weaknesses


I think those ideas sound cool, but how about an attack that is really good (deal 4 times damage) but you get distraction for the rest of your dino’s time. This would stop people using it, wilst also giving you an easy way to beat certain dinos.
Or there could be a cloak/evasive strike bypasser move.

I like the idea of maybe having the first attack I mensioned as a “super move”. Can only be used once.


At least maybe those slow family of majungasaurus,lythronax ,concavenator,carnotaurus and megalodon maybe get a use! :grin: