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Let's just make a new creature suggestion thread

since there’s so many individual posts about new creature ideas

I’m just going to go ahead and put this is the suggestions section so maybe people will listen to suggestions on this :joy:

I was thinking an ankylodon- purru gen 2 hybrid would be cool (it would be an epic, maybe with decelerating impact, pinning strike, long protection, and defense shattering rampage, 20% armor, 30% critical chance, and immunity)

We need a Voltron dinosaur made up of dinosaurs:

Or we could make one out of these guys:

I want a Copysaurus that mimics the other dinosaur appearance their skills and level.

I’ve made a few of these but they always end up buried and a new one pops up lol let’s hope yours sticks and Ludia takes a look!
So here’s my suggestions that I’ve come up with during my play:
-Add Troodontids that have a Basic Poison Bite that does 10% damage for 2 rounds and a 1X Deadly Poison Bite that does 15% damage for 5-6 rounds and lowers damage by -33% for 2 rounds.
-Add Oviraptorsaurs that have a 1X damage Swift Theft move that steals the opponent’s positive status effect and gives it to itself or perhaps it would steal a portion of HP and give it to itself.
-Add small Ceratopsians(Nasutoceratops, Centrosaurus, Diabloceratops) that have an Instant Deflect that blocks a status effect but not the damage. Would be useful to prevent being stun locked and such.
-Add Tiny Theropods(Compy, Segisaurus, Microraptor) that have a passive 25% dodge and moderately high HP but very little damage with a Form Pack that adds 1 extra of the creature(shared HP) to double the damage for each added(up to 3 max, each lasts for 3 turns). That way if you got your full pack bonus you’d be dealing whopping damage with your other attacks, but you have to sacrifice rounds to build it up that high riding on your dodge chance. Evasive stance might make it perfect or OP not sure lol

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The compys would be commons, as in the wild. So maybe they have very low health, but you have to kill them all?

By the way I had a pteranodon suggestion also with a passive dodge :slight_smile:
Search ‘pteranodon’

Maybe there could be an event month where a new batch of creatures were experimentally released to nublar, but became invasive, and you get incubators as a sort of ‘bounty’ for each invasive creature you kill, along with some special DNA from the creature itself

As far as new hybrids this is what I’d liked to see:
-Carnodiabolus: Carnotaurus+Diplotator (epic, vulnerability strike/ferocious impact/short defense/defense shattering impact, 20% critical, and counter attack). I think it could potentially be the only fuse option for diplotator that would actually look great and be amazing imo
-Wuerhocheirus: Wuerhosaurus+Deinocheirus (epic, minimal speed up strike/slowing impact/rampage/instant cripple, 5% crit, 10% armor). Kinda like a “I get faster while you get slower”
-Koolagreus: Tanycolagreus+Koolasuchus (Legendary, armor piercing strike, Nullifying Impact, Slowing impact, Distracting Impact, 5% crit, 129 speed). Basically a very fast Swiss army knife

I genuinely think ‘meat devil’ is one of the best (made-up) dinosaur names I’ve ever heard :joy:

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Lol thanks I hope itd look the part too :+1:

On another post, I suggested a purrusaurus gen 2- ankylodon epic hybrid (it would be called ‘weird crocodile’- I don’t know weird in Greek)

A croc fuse would probably be the best direction to take ankylocodon if it was to get an upper hybrid option. Purussaurus G1 or G2 would be pretty good, G1 especially(the rare one) since it got buffed to have ferocious impact. I agree with the -5% armor +5% crit chance. I’d definitely go for it.

What about :

More suggestions:
Postosuchus gen 2
Hybrid ideas:spinolophosaurus(spinosaurus + dilophosaurus)kaprocodon(kaprosuchus+ophiacodon)paraguannadon(parasuralaphus+iguannadon)rajalosauria(meglosaurus+rajasaurus)

Already found one!

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That is epic

Also I feel like suchamimus is underestamated

I think they should add the dire wolf. It would be cool to see some wolf based creatures.

I agree also cave lions

Since Tarbosaurus is going to be in the Jurassic world Extinction movie I know this because I saw the toy list they should probably either increased the stats of Tarbosaurus by making him stronger or make a Tarbosaurus Gen 2 dedicated to Tarbosaurus also I would like to see Circus Circus gen2 I think that would be an interesting creature because that is also another one of the toys that will be presented and Jurassic world Extinction