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Let's list questions for the devs

Maybe the mods will see this and pass it along. Rules: Only post 1 question per post. Don’t repeat questions - instead, like the post(s) that has a question you would also like answered.

Maybe we can get some answers!! I’ll start.


Matchmaking: Ludia, how do you feel about the current state of matchmaking - do you consider it a success/did you achieve what you set out to do?


Balance: Ludia, why did you think it was a smart idea to give dracoceratops higher damage upon its “nerf”?


As boosts have been shown to be almost universally unpopular what the Devs thoughts on their continued existence in the game and how to balance them out in future?


Pachy: Will Pachy get an alternate hybrid someday? Rex has 3. Pachy is a classic jp 2 dino and hopefully could have 2. Because I don’t like the cenzoic look. It’s not as big as the global horrendous problems, but I’m disgusted by what was done with the lovely Pachy lol. It is forsaken.

Also, I’m sure they send a lot of things to the devs. But I guess one more thread won’t hurt.

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Stgydaryx; when will you rework his kit a bit. He is the worst unique and it’s proven


Devs have stated that a dinosaur’s components are included in the rarity, and this affects their power. So what was the reason for allowing legendary Dracoceratops (two commons) to become so overpowered in comparison to, say, unique Magna (a legendary hybrid (w/ incubator exclusive) and a rare)?


Who thought it was a good idea to give decelerating shield to Miragaia?


When will daily mission rewards show as missed rewards if they weren’t collected due to internet issues, falling asleep on the couch or simply because of old age?


Usually competitive games (LoL, for example) balance their fighters using a method: the fighter must have a comfort usage zone, a bad usage zone, a kit based on a strategy that define his role and gameplay and a reasonable counterplay. Actually Dracoceratops don’t have a real counterplay as the swap in ability is too strong and fast. For not let him lose his role as assassin buster but give some counterplay is not better halve the swap in ability is a simple hit or impact and give him an hybrid with Maiasaura for the instant x2?


Dodge: will it be changed back to normal or will it stay like it is in the future updates?


Communication: Are you ever going to reply or even just read through this question list, Ludia?


Rat: When will you remove swap in rampage and change his stats so he can still be meta relevant?


Will we ever get mechanics transparency?
I can deal and adapt to anything thrown at me competitively as long as I know how it works. I am currently stumped on the best approach to tinker with my team for competitive purposes. Is there a reason why the exact workings of the match making mechanics were not made public?


Do you even play your own game?


Did the devs realise it would be so simple to put a couple of crappy dinos in a team to get round their new matchmaking?

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Will you ever properly communicate with your player base? Not leave us in the dark without any word for a month or more.


Placing a high level over boosted tyrant on a low level team. Would you give your 3 year old child a real loaded gun to play with? Figuratively you did just this with boosts.

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What are your plans for alliances e.g. tools, competitions, perks or levels, etc.?