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Lets list The pro and the cons

Remember what was JWA at the beginning?
Lets list what you think is good and bad since the launch of jurrassic world alive.
It can be anything,any detail or any feathur add since the beginning.

Example for me:
-The add of sanctuary (which is for moment not completly fix,dna rewards on high lvl sanctuary is too poor)
-The communication (fact,they announce which dna rewards it will be on daily mission,The weekly schedule,The alliance mission which now vary)
-The add of good and interesting hybrids since the beginning and the add of new skills
-We can spin supply dart on distance
-The challenge of the towers strikes

-The boosts which have almost end the game,making the battle almost pointless which is normally the main aspect of the game.
-The matchmaking is clearly a pity,the old one was way better
-Tower strikes are no longer a challenge because of the boosts
-The bugs and the fact game become lower by time
-Swap in creatures lack of counters
-Alliance leaders have a lack of tools and Alliance have a lack of interest except Request and allaince mission,they should add alliance boss to defeat or something more entertaining
-The mistakes on the past (removing tenontorex on weekly schedule,the change of alliance mission the past week…)

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To be honest, we have too many of these topics. Let’s just see what 1.9 brings and then complain about that :slight_smile: Or not.

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well,i did’nt though about 1.9,for moment my 2 only expectation concern mainly the boosts and the matchmaking,
my main aspect was more to know which feathure of the past do you prefer or hate?

The old seasons reward was a pro for me, at a time when they were still hanging out epic incubators if you can manage to hit 4.5k trophies. Esp when you know you did it with a team that you worked hard to level up. It truly felt rewarding, and I’m glad I was lucky enough to have a taste of it.

My thoughts…


  1. Dinosaurs. Better than Pokemon or Hufflepuff wizards. :t_rex:
  2. JWA is fun. I don’t feel that I am pointlessly grinding away day in day out. This one carries a lot of undefined weight but when the game is fun, it is FUN!
  3. Being able to dart dinosaurs and spin stops at a distance.
  4. Strike Towers and PVE events which are actually fun and can provide a challenge for different level players.
  5. I don’t have to spend real money if I don’t want to. It’s perfectly fine to play the long game.
  6. Communication. There is some and I feel that although the powers that be don’t talk back, they do read our comments.


  1. Boosts! :angry:
  2. Too many hybrids. Not enough focus on the real dinosaurs.
  3. Not enough coins generated.
  4. Matchmaking needs fixing - although I personally think it has gone better recently.
  5. Dracoceratops. Nuff’ said.
  6. Lack of Alliance leader tools.
  7. Not enough variety in spawns and some dinosaurs are not available in the wild.
  8. Too much emphasis on the competitive element of the game (Arenas and tournaments)
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