Let's make Ludia fix bugs. Rate this game 1* until they fix everything

I’m so sick and tired of facing bugs that Ludia is not going to fix.

Wrong damage calculation
Bug with stun and 100% shield in strike events
Dinos stucked at strike event towers

These bugs are well known for months and devs don’t even try to fix it. How many battle have you lost because of wrong damage preview? How many times have you lost event incubator because you used stun and the battle stucked? It’s been months of this bugs! But they don’t listen.

So go to app and rate it 1*. Let’s drop this game rate so they would see that we are not gonna stand this anymore! Even if you have rated this app, you can rerate it to 1*. This is gonna make them pay attention to us. And they should hire a tester in their team.


You are right. Unfortunately, people do far things than rating this game 1*: this just delets the whole game. 16 weeks ago, there were 1 still approx. 125000 active players according to the stats in the samsung game launcher, no its only 59000 players. While 4 weeks ago it was approx. 67000 players…the decrease of amount of players per months is staggering, because of all the bugs and nerfs to their favourite dinos, nerfs on good spawns, nerfs on event drops and terrible matchmaking. Now they have resulted in adding bots so that players could still get a match, because players are fleeing away. I mentioned this before, i love this game abd I hope Ludia would finally open their eyes and fix these issues and make the game attractive again before they loose all their players.

My guess is the amount of players are going to drop even more with winter and snow in the northern hemisphere. There isn’t that great of population in the southern hemisphere.

I give the game an A+ for addictability but and F- for it failure in performance. I love the game but this is the worst performing app ever. It’s not just the in game bugs but performance out hunting with the game not reading my GPS and the pulsating ball not following to all the insane amount of disconnects.

They spent a gob of time over cheating but ignore the fact that these technical glitches kill the experience. When your standing out in the cold getting disconnects and waiting to reconnect or reloading the game to get it up to your location after is stops following you, it’s infuriating.

A snow storm is coming today. The dino’s may not die from winter ice age but my playing will.

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Ludia are very simple people…
They do listen to what we have to say, but when they cant argue, or they cant WIN an argument, they refuse to fix anything because they cant admit their mistakes! Mistakes are most forgiven when they are admited!

They aren’t gonna fix it, so lets go rate it 1 star!

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Are they listening to what we say? How do you know? Because they nerfed dino’s like stegodeus that everyone was complaining about. Maybe they nerfed him on their own to get people to spend more money to power up other dino’s. Makes them look like they are listening but is profitable for them to do it anyway.

Why fix strike event glitch. Better for them if people lose and pay the 200 and 500 to battle it again.

One of the main complaints, and a legitimate one, is the cost of everything. Most people have been complaining about that for months and it hasn’t been changed. Hardly even any sales on bucks and coins anymore. Obviously not listening to their customer base.

If any of you ever played pogo and were on a discord on chat line you never heard complaints about the cost of buying items.

I know someone is going to come on here and say you don’t have to buy them if the cost to much. That is not the point. Everyone would like to get more dna. Make it affordable.

You just mentioned 5 different topics… Yes fix the strike event glitch, its ruining the game… The point is they dont listen… you said Discord, then DNA, then sales on bucks and coins, then nerfing the dinos… We know they aren’t listening because after months of shouting to them, they still dont do anything… the stegodeus nerf didnt help anything either…

The strike event makes me wait the full timer when I use invincibility but i still get to make the move I chose