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Let's NOT stop talking about speedties

I’ve been kind of absent since update 2.1, cause the game stopped working on my old piece of crap phone. But now I’m back! And so are the complaints x)

I could finally win two or three speedties today in the tourney! This happening in the first day is amazing for me, cause I was used to win only one or two speedties during the whole freaking weekend! But, of course, I still lose most of them. Can’t compete against Americans and Canadians after all…

Update comes, update goes… And not only we never had a solution for speedties, but it also gets worse and worse for every new creature with No Escape or On Escape ability… Imagine this situation (actually you don’t need to imagine, just play the tourney and this is bound to happen): you have the upper hand. All your opponent’s creatures are hurt and you have a Rixis on the field at full HP and another creature with full HP to use… But the opponent has Rixis too… Conclusion, you lose due to speedtie, even though you outplayed him/her during the match. Fair, isn’t it? Happened to me twice already in this one :roll_eyes:


@Ned could you pass this along. Speedties have lived long enough, but it’s time for them to go


Well, well, top 10 on a Friday night… First time ever. That’s the difference it makes, winning at least SOME speedties.

Well what a surprise! Everyone ahead of me wins on speedties. I only win some against those behind me… Figured… Don’t mind me, I can only compare now that I also win some. Extremely frustrating. In the end it mostly depends on this stupidity…

I actually played a match on my brother’s phone, a match I could’ve won with maiming wound. However, speedtie allows me to lose when I don’t deserve to. Every speedtie I THINK I win was was a fakeout by the opponent…

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Which is another stupid thing… it happens especially on Thyla vs Thyla

Also, you Ludia devs did all those nerfs and buffs in so little time and called it “balance”… There are about 60 creatures to choose for this tourney and still, as always, all I see are the same 8-12 creatures on top ranks, which of course, doesn’t help with speedties… Something is very wrong there.


I swear, about 80% of my losses have speedties involved… Now all the speedtie bullies have come upstairs (what a coincidence!) and I’m back to not winning any. I simply CANNOT start with Rixis, cause there’s a huge chance the opponent does it too and wins speedtie… Anything else I start with, Rixis either kills it or weakens it enough to send the rhino, cause that’s precisely why they start with it… Not to mention opponents CONSTANTLY sending the same creature that I have on the field, knowing they win speedtie! Especially Rixis and Boa, from which you can’t escape.

Is this skill? Freaking ridiculous…

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I think the best sollution is to make the movements took place simultaneously. It will increase draws, but we had them only with bleeders.

In a survey the great majority preferred to have speedties resolved by RNG - 50% chance each time.

But Ludia chose to keep the status quo.


Yes it is. They are using the Skill of speedties to win. The problem with Skill Tourneys is they are just crap shoots with more skill than Advantage ones by the nature of having everyone in the same boat.

Skill of speedties? Is this a joke?

Why not? Skill tourneys are just supposed to be about skill regardless of excuse. Why should everyone be given an equal playing field when some have the skill of speed ties and others the skill of team building?

Skill tourneys are a joke to me so why not? Players are using them to win so it shows skill to abuse them no?

So living closer to the server than your opponent counts as “skill” now?

Rixis vs Rixis is the absolute WORST when you lose to speed ties.

Immobilize, GSS, FI. Anything that isn’t immune to stun (which is quite a few when epics-only tournaments are around) is just tossed around by her.


It’s absolutely ridiculous… Sure battles require lots of luck, especially on team selection and crits… But THIS? You lose because you have a worse connection, or worse device or is further from the company?? This is so wrong in so many levels…

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I vote for an adventure mini 2d platform game where you get taken out of the battle and have to race Gyrospheres across a “jurassic” Sonic style map being chased by Indom and bouncing across ledges to avoid falling into the lava.

The catch is there is no end and it keeps scrolling until someone dies. Then catch 2 is that the speed tie isn’t just decided but loser loses their dino, forever… maybe :upside_down_face:

Or we could just have an accuracy/reaction pendulum like those old golf games used to have.

Be happy you can win some, I’m in the NE, with a connection of 300 mps on a Razer 2 and still can’t win speedties for whatever reason. But agreed, there needs to be a way to stop speedties in a fair way.

And it’s done in a way that doesn’t require RNG as well