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Let's Play Jurassic World Alive!


Hi guys

My first AR game ever! Been playing for a few hours and I love it. I am planning to make some videos on this game and some livestreams too.


You got Sinoceratops on your first incubator. It’s like a top 10 dinosaur in the game.


Yeah paid for vip thats why


Really? I am just learning the basics.

Found out that Legendary is the highest rarity but you can only get it by merging 2 Epics?

Let me know please :slightly_smiling_face:


Noice more YT vids. Keep it up! Imo this game is way more fun than PoGo (The PvP or Pv’E’ is so much fun); especially when you level up! But it still needs some work here and there ofc. (:


Sorry for double post but to answer your question; there is one more rarity. Not sure how they compare really:

Rare (blue)
Epic (yellow)
Legendary (red)
Unique (Green)

Everything legendary+ is made by mixing two kind of dinosaurs up; mostly higher rarity ones! Underneath an example of a Unique; instead of an epic it requires a level 20 legendary AND level 20 rare! Mostly the higher the rarity; ofc better stats but especially versatile skills! Those come in very handy.

The legendary required for the unique is a mix of 2 epics but this is not all the time; underneath an example of a common - epic mix. So it is pretty random most of the time, mixing all kinds of rarity here and there.