Let's play with DNA a bit more


What if there was an option to extract DNA from Hybrids?
It can work the same way creating hybrids works / uses pre-existing hybrid DNA to make new hybrids.


Explain further please? Because at the moment it sounds like you’re referring to super-hybrids already in game.


That’s exactly what I’m referring to.
I can’t tell you how much DNA I’ve used to create hybrids that just aren’t up to snuff in my book, but the DNA used to create them can be used on a hybrid that needs to be created (and potentially buffed)

example: I had thousands of gen2 ankylosaurus DNA that I used to create and buff up the Ankylocodon, and it’s not that useful. But if I could extract that DNA, I could use it for another hybrid that requires gen2 ankylo DNA.


Ahh, okay…that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for clarifying that for me!


You’re welcome!!