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Let's reminisce, what was your favorite iteration?

Since it looks like total implosion is eminent for a number of reasons, let’s talk about when the game was actually good, perhaps even at its best. Looking back at the notes for previous updates I think I have to say that 1.3 was my favorite version. Great new creatures, new abilities to end the raptor meta - but the tank torture hadn’t started yet. Strike towers are introduced, and if I remember correctly, spawns were totally awesome.

… and not a thor or diloroach to be found.

What was your favorite?

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Let me think about this… but I really don’t want to contribute to an obituary for this game :disappointed_relieved:

I hope it can be saved… is it too late?

I’m the eternal optimist, so I still have hope.

And I would have to agree with OP. I think 1.3 was one of my favorite as well. I was still in lockdown and those raptors were a pain. But the strike events were so exciting and new.

Im going to say 1.3 for the ar portion of the game… and 1.5 for the arena portion of the game. 1.6 for the quality of life features added.

My biggest issue with the game has been 1.5 spawn mechanics… without changing the daily migrations on a semi regular basis… they simply wont help long term and actually seem to hurt all the other spawns.

If the ar portion of the game wasnt so boring due to all the common spawns i could just pretend the dumpster fire of arena right now was just a mini game…

1.3 was definitely the peak of this game imo. All the new abilities and a lot of dinos got some good changes, and if i remember correctly they werent handing out nerfs. Good times

While I do cling to a little hope for the game, I have very little faith in the company who holds it in their hands… they don’t strike me as the kind who would do what the majority of us see as necessary to save the game.

But I don’t want the thread to devolve into rehashing what the game needs. Let’s remember the happy days! When 1.3 hit there were also the new ACHIEVEMENTS! Gave a lot of us a shot in the arm for cash!

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1.5.23 is by far my fave lol. introduction of thor and dracoceratops(pre sisr).

1.3 here! Definitely the best version of the game

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My favorite, would have to be when it was released globally, where everything was new and exciting. Where there was endless possibilities, no stress in the arenas, no stressful tournaments. A close second to me would be when spawn rates was at their peak, everything was everywhere and when you opened the map there was always something to dart, from Apatosaurus to V-Raptor, if you needed something, a short 30/40 minute walk could yield it for you.

@Rantz why don’t you do a poll? I’m also interested in what the majority thinks

Mine favourite patches were as follows:
1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

Also I don’t think in the grand scheme of things patch 1.7 will be the worst, the worst patch is always THE LAST ONE lol