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Let's return the dino dollars

Well, what do I mean by the title?
As we all know, the dino dollars since the last update were removed from most packages and the special trade.
By the title, I mean returning the dino dollars from the packs that were removed, as well as the special trade, and I think that will improve the game.
And what do you think?

Of course…but you must know, that Ludia won’t listen to us…they removed them , because they want us to spend money for DB’s! It’s not nice, but we must live with that! And why should Ludia remove something again, they updated…So it wouldn’t change anything, if we mention it! Ludia is Ludia

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I agree that the game should offer more opportunities to obtain DBs but, alas, as many have noted, Ludia does not appear to be listening to the players. Sadly, for every one or two positive improvements that they make to the game, they take 3 or 4 steps backwards. The drastic reduction in opportunities for DBs was a recent change to “balance the economies of the game” which is little more than a euphemism for attempts to get folks to spend real money for paltry rewards.

I’m glad you and others have expressed your thoughts on the game but I’m afraid that we’re probably yelling into a vacuum chamber.

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I disagree.

I have more Dino Bucks coming in now than before the change.

Trade Harbor was upgraded. No custom trades for dino bucks, but more and better regular trades for dino bucks.

Daily Missions have much more dino bucks than before. 190 per day.

More Golden Rewards packs offered from completing daily events. Meaning more Loyalty Points and DNA.

So the income sources have changed a great deal. I charted a week of DinoBuck income and had 12,000 plus.

I’ve seen lots of people say this is Ludia’s way to get people to spend more money in game. I’m not seeing it.


You must be a very lucky guy. 12k in one week means 1700 bucks per day.
I’m not even near to the half of that amount.


I wonder if if thousands of players stop playing for a month or two, say, and their revenue goes down, will they not think they have made a mistake somewhere?

Certainly…and I’ve seen quite a few talk of dropping their VIP memberships so they may not stop playing…just paying. But whether that will convince Ludia to change or they’ll just rely on income from the steady influx of new players is debatable.

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Dropped my VIP because of the changes. It has now expired. Pretty sure I am not alone.

On day 2 without VIP now. Only thing I miss is the DNA factory which I had got to a decent level.

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I don’t think I’m lucky.

Today I’m at:
190 from daily missions
100 for making a level 30 Archelon
1,008 from trade harbor
30 from first mystery pack of the day
100 from PVP
20 from tournament PVP

So that’s 1,448 today.

Before daily missions were much less and trade harbor had less deals for dino bucks.

I would trade this every day over getting 600 from apatosaurus fossils and a few hundred from daily event packs. We used to only get golden rewards packs three or four times a week. Now it’s almost every day!

I paid for a yearly membership, or I’d already have done so as well. Although I think I do still get some decent benefits from it, but I am not happy at the ways that VIPs in particular have been affected by the changes, particularly dropping the better VIP trades, dropping so many pack rewards, and worst was the attempt to take away some of our custom trades (and continued failure to fix the bug that is causing many of us to lose custom trades regularly STILL!) I’d drop the membership solely as a matter of protest. But at the least, I can ensure that I do NOT spend any other money in the game in the meantime, as I have sometimes in the past, not often, and not much, but every bit matters.

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Agree… VIP is still good!!!

  • Every week a Tournament creature and a VIP at the lottery
  • 2 Legendary packs a week with VIP event
  • DNA production
  • 3 custom trades
  • VIP tournaments (please more )
  • better rewards in a VIP mystery (I think I got more than 10 legendarys in it)
  • 2x VIP points

  • My VIP ends in a few days , but I’ll pay for it again, of course!
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Mine is quite the same with little exception that I got zero from the trade harbor in the last two days.
That makes me confident that I will never ever play roulette in a casino.

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2/3 of those points are from the TH… so I’d say yes, that’s quite lucky. Many days I go without any DBs at all from the TH (and that’s with keeping quite a large stash of apato fossils to hopefully get offers on). I’ve played a bit with paying the 50 DBs to refresh the trades, and usually will get one out of the three attempts that has a DB trade worth taking, I consider myself really lucky when it’s for one of the fossils, rarely have I gotten a good DB offer in more than one and never in all 3. I’ll get some other offers worth taking, but the DB ones are far too often for things I don’t want to trade like dinos, LPs or mods. I expect the changes work much better for players far further along in the game that don’t mind trading off dinos, LPs, etc. for them.

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I often say that the benefit of the VIP membership depends a lot on how much you grind in the game… do every single event, make sure to get every single pack (I almost NEVER pass up an event for the Golden packs solely for the doubled LP points), make sure to use your daily trades, do lots of PvPs to get LP prizes (the only reason I do the non-modded ones, as they are fairly easy to land on in these), etc. and spend points exclusively on the 10K packs, and it can be hugely beneficial to up-and-coming players. I’m not sure once you have progressed far enough in the game where you don’t need any real significant improvement in your teams that it’s all that much worth it, other than if you are just a completist that wants to max out all the VIP dinos as well.

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The problem with pretty much EVERYTHING in that list is that it’s usefulness is dependent on you being able to hatch critters fast enough to keep up with the acquisition, which isn’t the case (with U36 actually making it worse), so unless the new speed up methods in U37 are damn good (I’ll gladly pay LPs to speed up, provided it isn’t a preposterous amount), bleh.

I still have to disagree. I’m finding that more normal than lucky. When I logged all dino bucks for a week, I had about 6,000 dino bucks from the trade harbor.

I have kept a clean market place for creatures over the last couple of months, it takes work but it can be done. Mostly a combination of trading Creatures in the Trade Harbor when it is for something like DNA or better if I don’t need the creature anymore or at least not at the moment and using the discounted speed up on Tuesdays.

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Again, it may have just as much to do with what you are willing to trade for them than just what offers you are getting. A large percentage of the offers I get for instance are LPs for DBs but the VIP dinos are more valuable to me still than DBs are so those trades are worthless. Likewise ones for any dinos as I am still working on hatching more stuff to increase coin production. Which is why the reduction of DBs elsewhere in the game like packs that didn’t require giving up other game resources was particularly tougher on us newer players.


Why does a gorgosaurus take 7 days to hatch but only 6,000 DNA? Seems off. Maybe just because it’s part of gorgosuchus?

Trying to beef up you amphibians ain’t easy!

He’s a Tournament creature, so he needs 7 days to hatch…7 days hatching is the max. time …2016 a Megalosaurus and a Troodon need 2 weeks to hatch
Deinocheirus is the own Tournament that needs 6 days, but he’s so weak!
Gorgosaurus is not really bad… camparision:
Stats at lvl 40
Gorgosaurus 1800 health 850 attack (1200 attack with class advantage)
Deinocheirus 1200 health 900 attack (450 attack with class disadvantage)
At lvl.40
Gorgosaurus kills Deinocheirus with one attak , because he has the class advantage
Deinocheirus needs 3 points for a Gorgosaurus, because he has class disadvantage