Lets see how many creatures arent being used

So this is only relevant if you are participating in the tournament this weekend AND also have all possible creatures unlocked and able to be used.
So out of 67 Legendaries, 79 Epic, and 72 Rares, total of 208 creatures able to be played, im willing to bet that 95% of the players out there have either all or a majority of their team feom the following very short list:
Flocks-any and all

To a shorter extent:
IndoR g2

So without the flocks, the number of relevany non-flocks are 7, total flocks number at 16, though really tge only relevang flocks are
Epic (Apex-leveled OP) Death Pigeons
Baby Einios
So 6, plus the other 7 totals 13 creatures from a total of 208. Aproximateoy 6% of the total Rare, Epic, and Legendary rosters matter. I get that not every creature is going to be able to balanced and kept relevant. But 6% is way too low. Really interesting how most of those require an event exlusive creature to buiild them. If the entire player base banded together one day and decided enough is enough, is enough, let’s not buy into their business model and instead not buy the event exclusive creatures, then things would change. But until we make the business model change for them, which is what we buy, it’s never going to change. And in 2 months all of these creatures will be irrelevant as they will have been nerfed and everybody will have spent
their money on it for whatbwill end up a mediocre creature for nothing. This isn’t anything new, it’s been going on for years. But it continues to happen because what is their incentive to change something, when it working for them. And by working for them, I mean putting money in their pockets; Not working for the player base. Because I’m sure every single person playing this tournament is so sick of Rexy automatically winning the match, that if you don’t draw your Rexy and they draw theirs, its to the point where most players as soon as Rexy is pulled out it just becomes an automatic rage quit scenario. And were stuck waiting for the timer to count down for every subsequent move after until the match is over.
This trend of releasing event (and store purchase available too) exclusive creatures that are so OP they should be one or two tiers higher in rarity needs to change. And of course everybody scrambles and spends as much as they can to fast level it up to 30 and fully boost it and then two months later it’s nerfed and and then are now mad that they’ve spent a million coins and 30 boosts on a creature just to have to bench it. But the thing is, we all know that’s going to happen. We all know Rexy’s going to get nerfed after everybody’s done spending a ton of money on it. So the only way that’s gonna stop, is if we stop spending the money on it, at least right away. Spend money over time instead of tryig to be the first with a level 30 fully boosted new event exclusive creature, because unless your in that top 50, good luck, those players dont just put in the money, they put in a substantial amount of time as well. But not buying into these creatures would then force them to have to come up with a different business model to continue their revenue stream. It’s no wonder so many of the top players that spend a lot of money have been the ones that are leaving and I talked to many of them and this is the primary reason, the power creep, the infamous cash grab. One would like to think that after 4 years, we would have learned our lesson ny now, but nope, that’s not happening. We just do what I’m doing right now, gripe about it on the forums and on Fb. But why would Ludia change such an amazing business model that consistently generates a great revenue stream?


Great post!

100% true and as you say, why would they change something that offers them such a great revenue stream?

Sadly there will always be people willing to spend huge amounts of money in order to progress quicker, or to have the latest skin/emote/Dino.

So newer players are sucked in with what appear to be amazing and tempting stuff that grabs them immediately. Progress is quick and you feel like you are really doing well so when you see Rexy, and new more powerful than before creatures in store every day you figure it’s worth the bucks to carry on that rapid progress. The fact is you can even do well in tournaments as soon as you qualify if you have the latest dinos. This encourages the spending as you can keep up with players that have been around for years by keeping up with the latest meta relevant exclusive creatures.

No thought for the dedicated players who have supported the game for years. Unless we are willing to spend like the newer players and the big spenders we will be left behind.

It sucks but it is what it is and the way the game has gone it’s not like it’s being hidden. This is a new level of transparency to be fair!

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You are right, this is no secret, but if we all put a halt on buying new meta creatures that are way too OP, especially knowing the nerf is coming soon, we can chamge that business model to one of balanced creatures being released. Wishful thinking i guess.