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Let's see... How many SIA's don't always work?

Bleed? Nope, always there for you.
Dodge? Well technically it sort of works, only dodging 2/3 the damage is a joke…
Distraction? Yes indeed!
Rampage? We all know that works…
Strike? Yep. Will do.
Shield? Always shows up.
Invincibility? Well, technically yes but can be broken through with a will timed attack.
Ferocity? HULK SMASH.
Slow? Always.
Nullify? That’s affirmative.

Swap in Stun?
Only 66% chance. Why? This is the stupidest thing ever. (Well, one of, because… Ludia).

Swap in stun that does no damage -100%
Swap in stunning strike - 66% chance.


Just a word of warning, try not to work out what Lydia is thinking when they do the things they do, it only results in headaches and two way convo with yourself in puppet form.


Exact I’ve never understood why it’s like that other 100% of doing the skill or move yet not swap in stun

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completely agree

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If swap in stun worked 100% of the time, more people would field those creatures. And smiloceph and nemys would be a lot more of a threat. Was thinking that they could be even better DC counters, but you never know when that bugger is gonna come in. And the stun would allow it to swap out immediately since the lockdown doesn’t happen. Could be interesting tho. How would gameplay be if DC users had to actually worry about something that could shut it down and be a pest?


Of all of these stun is the only that completly negates damage (not considering one shot from draco), so i guss that’s why it has a chance to hit and it’s not 100%, invincibility also does it but with so much shield removing moves it’s very situational

But again it’s Ludia, only God knows what’s in their head…

But like also distraction kinda it’s barely enough to do damage and it they keep dodge the same as 100% then it’s would have been the same. Yet is not like those others who cause an opponent to waste a turn stun stops them from using a turn so ya idk it’s not 100%

Swap in stun has a 66% efficiency, which is technically the same as dodge. Stun prevents 100% of damage 66% of the time, and dodge prevents 66% of damage 100% of the time. So yeah if rng always balanced out exactly as the numbers say, they are the same in terms of power. However, in reality, swap in stun depends on your luck

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Stun affects the opponent and does not work against all creatures. The dodge affects the player and gets applied regardless of the opponents creature.

Stun has fewer opportunities to be used than dodge. Dodge can be used against all creatures and is countered only if a player predicts the move or is lucky and uses an attack to nullify it.

Stun is ineffective against many dinosaurs Indominus, Erlidominus, Ardentis, Indoraptors, Thylocatator, Paramoloch and Tuoramoloch, dodge chickens, dimetrodon hybrids, etc.

Dodge is a more effective Swap in than stun.


No argument here

I’m just talking actual numbers of efficiency. Most people find stun less reliable even in terms of numbers too, because you don’t know if it will work at all. However, there are situations where stun can come in more clutch than dodge, for example when it 2-2 and your last dino only has a tiny bit of health left. At that point, you hope for the 66% stun on that dino, because if it had 100% dodge instead, its an 100% chance to die (because it took the 1/3 damage). I’m not saying you are wrong that stun does not always work like all the others, but it is definitely not the most useless swap in.

Imo, nullify is the most useless swap in, because it does not hurt the opponent, and you will take damage for sure. Sure maybe you removed an evasive or cloak, but now you are half dead.


You know what else I just thought of? Swap in a stunner the same time your opponent swaps in a rat…

Stun works? Rat does not rampage and it does not get locked down. Why? Apparently because their SIA didn’t work.

Stun doesn’t work (against anything)?
You still get locked down, even though your SIA didn’t work.

That is actually a matter if the effect went off. If the SIA goes off, the lockdown takes effect. If it dosen’t, the game see it as an instant ability that didn’t take effect/ got blocked by something. Like when tryko uses instant distraction, but Utasino or thor use instant charge and stun it. The effect didn’t go, so it gets to try again.

That’s the worst part of it all! Someone out plays you, predicts your RAT swap and counters it with a swap in stun… no problem, you’re not locked down, just swap out and use him again later! :crazy_face: No matter you just got out-played, the RAT king lives to fight another day!

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Swapping in the stunner would require knowing the rat is coming, which you won’t most of the time. I mean given its on 95% of teams you DO know its coming at some point, but since its a turn based game and you need to time things right, the rat just has too much of an advantage.

The reasons jts on most teams is because it both does massive damage AND has no reliable counter outside of straight up guessing and mind reading.

Btw sacrificing another to take the hit isnt a counter since your team still took the hit. A counter is a way to prevent or mitigate something.

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