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Let's see if I'm a JWA nerd

ehaphosaurus was a herb btw when it was alive, so that’s why it eats plants in it’s eating animation

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I remember them adding magna i wanted it to badly back then


How many Gen 2 creatures are there?

True or False: There are 11 creatures that don’t have hybrids

True (there are actually more) and I counted 11 hybrids that didn’t. Didn’t even look at the regular creatures

I thought Tryko had Instant Distraction :thinking:

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They added that later

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It did, but that was in a later update. This was the OG version. First it was the one I said, then in 1.3 or 1.4 it got Defense Shattering Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage instead of Armor Piercing Strike and Expose Weak Spot. And in 1.5 it got Instant Distraction instead of Armor Piercing Rampage. And that’s pretty much how it stayed until 2.0.

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In which version of JWA was Erlikospyx added?
a) 1.12
b) 1.7
c) 1.8

How many creatures are 100% immune to speed decrease so far?
a) 61
b) 59
c) 72

How many creatures in JWA have the ability Dig In?
a) 7
b) 12
c) 10

Which were the first raptor hybrids (Having Raptor DNA) to be released?
a) Spinotahraptor, Indominus Rex, Erlidominus and Utasinoraptor
b) Indoraptor and Pyrritator
c) Indominus Rex, Indoraptor
d) Indominus Gen 2, Indoraptor Gen 2

1. b (1.7) 2. b (59) 3. c (10) 4. a (although technically Erlidominus was added a bit after the others, all were present before the official release)

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I know, i was actualy realy disapointed in 2.0 when i saw it eat fish, when they updated the animation in 2.1 i even posted it on reddit

The question was mainly to see if people know it has it’s own animation or if they think it just uses one of the other 2

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How many hybrids start with the letter A?
A: 13
B: 18
C: 12

What was the 2nd Unique Hybrid?
B: Diloracherius
D: Grypolyth
E: Skoonasaurus

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Trick question. Edom was second I believe. Discussed earlier in this topic. Indo was 3rd.

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2 questions

1: How many places can you hit on dilopho gen 1 (rare) (in darting)

2: How many creatures currently have a unique speed stat

Unique?like Velociraptor?


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