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Let's see your Big Boys (& Girls)

With the introduction of championships we’re starting to see more and more L30 commons, rares and epics. What have you got?

Here are mine.

Suchotator was my first L30 and was a real asset to my team pre-boosts; and fused in the days before multi-fuse!

Who doesn’t love a Rixis? There’s a good chance this will end up boosted and on my arena team post boost reset.

Just because :heart_eyes:

I’ve always wanted a L30 Rexy ever since TheMaxx had Brutus stomping around the arena. As soon as I had all the Unique descendents to L30 I started levelling it and finally got it to L30 a couple of days ago; still need DNA though as now I need to take I-Rex to L30.


Heres a couple of mine


Not that high lvl but still higher than needed (don’t have photo but lvl 15 suchotator was my leading ace at start of game)


You all know him:


I was waiting for your Kapro to turn up :laughing:


This man helped me beat campaign mission 75



Nice! Don’t see many of those around

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May just level marsupial lion. Took secodonto to 20. I’m going to be leveling more just trying to decide what.



@Phil Your Rexy is getting there :+1:

L25-L30 I have:

Thylacotator L29
Gorgosuchus L28 ready for L29 - strong candidate for my arena team post reset
Meiolania L26
Stegoceratops L25 ready for L26
Purutaurus L25

This is my team for the weekend:

Will see how it goes but will probably level up Seco and Erliko more.


Thanks. I’m thinking of leveling epic erliko and the rare turtle. As well as others. I just don’t know what’s good to level just yet.

Erliko, Ourano and Seco were all good in the skill tournament - I’m letting that guide me subject to the usefullness of the DNA elsewhere; haven’t given much thought to commons yet - will wait for a common tournament.

Not as impressive as some, but I’m just a grinder. Not terrible for putting no money into the game.

Ouranosaurus too yeah I forgot to mention that one. Maybe even tenontosaurus it beat me a few times. Thing is you don’t have to boost everything. A simple over level or 2 is an advantage over most.

Not really a big boy but definitely the mvp of my team. Actually that gives me an idea.

Spinoconstrictor Showcase

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Granted this guy would proly be about 10 FT tall, (laying down) and like 50 FT long

Love mine too


Not really a big girl yet, but i love her. Could probably get her up another level, but i’m waiting for now.


Could you show the rest of your team?

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