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Let's show some love for Smilonemys in 1.11

I used to think that the nerf was very fair to nemys, but now that I actually have mine, I can really feel how little damage it has when I battle with it. I’m not saying it should revert to pre nerf stats. That would be insane. But some form of buff is an order. For something made of 3 epics, all of them exclusive in some way, not to mention unscentable, it should be better.

This is my proposition:

Health: 3900 —> 4000.
Attack 1200 —> 1300.
Speed: 127
Armor: 50%
Critical: 5%

  • Long Defensive Strike
  • Deliberate Prowl
  • Precise Pounce
  • Impact and Run —> Rampage and Run
    Swap-In Stun
    Immune to Stuns

What do you all think?


I don’t have it so IDK how well it preforms now, but I will say that any buff is a good buff, unless the buff is for either rat then it becomes a bad buff.


Agreed, i too think It needs i slight buff.

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I don’t have it at this moment, and working on getting him, so I’m not sure but comparing it with Smiloceph makes me think he deserves raw stat buff at least.

Why should it have 2 moves with 2x damage? It’s already a very strong dino so I definitely wouldn’t buff it!


You really want it to output 5200 damage over two turns in conjunction with the ludicrous survivability that it has? The reason it’s offense is middling is because it has the best combo of ways to reduce any opponents damage in the game between the automatic 50% armour, evasive, shield and dodge. It just takes a bit longer to kill stuff over the course of the game than a specialised damage dino

Actually in its current state, it can’t even kill dinos with slight armor and those with shield and/or small regen

Yes. The damage is just too pitiful for such low health, even with armor.

Personnaly, i’d like its 1500 damage back and it keeps its kit. But I’m also liking what you’ve done with it. Maybe 1350 damage? I can’t really say without actually using one.

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In lieu of a stat buff how about a kit change? He has nothing from his carbonemys parent besides the armor stat. How about superior vulnerability instead of long defensive strike? It would give priority and Increase damage to a more reasonable level. It’s a bummer his kit is slightly different from the smilo legendary. That kit is not super effective minus the precise rampage. Personally the prowl is not quite as effective against most other meta bots. Only do I see use to heal bleed. Superior vulnerability would be much more effective to cleanse distraction, get priority, and allow for increased damage out put

Second how about devastation and run? :joy: jk that would be overpowered

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As It is, nemys is already one of the top in terms of winning matchups, i think just a damage buff and perhaps a slight hp buff is enough. Superior vulnerability is a ridiculously good move. If nemys had it people would cry for a nerf as soon as It got It. And i think the basic move It has now is super useful for survivability.

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I think the carbotops hybrid (if it gets one) will carry that move on to legacy. Smilon is leaning more on being a cat/pachy with turtle armor.


You guys know its not supposed to be a le to do a lot of damage eight? It a counter to Quetzorion, Spinonix, Erlindominus, Procerathomimus and the like, its not supposed to be able to fight Chompers

Yeah show her some love and give her a makeover!

Pls cause it’s umm how do I saw this nicely ummm :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

I think it’s going through bad chemo.

I think a koppa got lost on the way to bowsers castle

It straight up loses to Orion and Spyx. It should get more damage to give make it have safer matchups overall.

Um idk they built to be tank busterish after all with distraction and wiring and armor piercing and nullify so think there fine the way they can go again this mole thing