Let's slay the middle-teams! Boosted dinos = Unique dinos ANYWAY!

I’ve had enough now!

Have derank to ~3500 and all I see is boosted overpowered dinos.

Many players starts with utasino, on the paper level 20 buy with boosts it’s more a level 23-24.

And all together their team:

  • Is build with high quality = All their boosts = Stronger then 1 high boosted Unique.

  • Or many players don’t level up a equal team - They go all in on one dino. Their method is to win fast and hard!

I’m not accepting this any longer!

Today I will prepare for my opponents who want fast and easy wins.




Great… now I have to battle that as well… :sob:


This rat swap in 4000 damage!

I swap when my 3th dino was in the range of DC.

Have worked GREAT so far!!
(Not this game tho)


Didn’t you actually expect you will find unboosted paradise around 3000-3500 trophies?

Meet boosted lvl 13 dinos in last tournament. Players in lower arenas boost their best dinos to climb up, while they are trying to create new, better dinos.

Yeah, your Tryo is perfect example of overboosting one dino. :grin:

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Good question.

No, I have played here since the launch of 1.7

The arena have become harder and harder because many teams comes from even lower arenas.

My vision was to compete with other level 20 Lengends and dinos, as other players use their dinos level 20.

While loosing more and more because DC I camed up with a New strategy.

Well… hopefully your strat works?
Not really sure why you’re sharing this.


You either win the game of thrones or you die.

Fight fire with fire.


you’re going to tear them apart … I say it from experience, you beat me quickly XD

Trying to win is great in fact deliberately losing is poor sportsmanship. But isn’t there a hint of Arena dropping bullying here. As players deliberately dropped arenas.

Also not boosting your team evenly is totally reasonable. There are 7 tyrants in the game and only boosting them avoids waste later on.

Goodluck to all your opponents.