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Let's sum up this tournament with only one screenshot

I do wish they would buff the other superhybrid like Scaphotator and Majundaboa, and other epic hybrids like Dimodactylus and Amargocephalus. These can all become counters to Sarco. Scapho with a bit more health and swap out immune, Majung with more health and SPD decrease immune, Dimo with more health SPD decrease immune, and Amargocephalus with more health and Atk. Also, a damage buff to postimetrodon and gorgosuchus can also make them a counter.

Sarco may be a little bit too strong, but a load of epics are also quite underwhelming, so why not ask for a buff to creatures rather than a nerf to another. I do plead guilty of using him, but he is the creature that helped me the most against quite a few of the boosted Legendarys in 2400 cup arena, so my team would be striked hard if they do decide to nerf her, especially with their ‘oh it is op let’s nerf her to the ground’ type nerfs

Both things have the same effect, except that buffing all the epics is much harder and has much more room for fault than just nerfing one creature. This will also lead to a massive power creep. We don’t exactly want anymore of that

I think it is better to just nerf op ones than keep buffing the others. It is quite obvious that some creatures do need buffs, like Postimetrodon and Gorgo, but others like rixis need nerf too

2 against 1, and in the end I lost the battle


Blue and her dog. I thought that bug was solved

It kinda annoys me that this weekends tournament is basically the same creatures of the last skill tournament. Rhinos Rhinos Rhinos everywhere. 1500 damage is too much damage for a Swap in in my opinion, at least it could not pierce armor and keep its damage then

They don’t stop using the rhino. Please just use something different for once!