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Let's sum up this weekend's tournament

It is kinda easy to sum up this weekend’s tournament, here we go:

1-Phorusa instant rampage


3-You and the opponent start with Monolometrodon and, of course, they win the speedtie and distract then kill you


5-You lead with Phorusa and the opponent with Monolo, then they distract you and swap to Dracocera to kill your bird


7-You start with Mammo and the opponent with Alosino, bye Mammo


9-You and your opponent start with Mammo and if both of you play it the right way, the match is still going on, go back there to finish it :rofl:


11-Phorusa Instant Rampage


13-Carnotarkus vs Mammo, bye Mammo


15-Ardonto decelarating and ‘Rampaging’ over and over again

Am I missing something?

It was a good tournament for the most part. Speedties, pink screen, connection lost are still there and the tournament could have been better without them, but at least there aren’t any Indo and Entelomoth ruining everything


Edaphocevia was surprisingly effective. I was deciding between it and Carno, but decided to give Edapho a try. Edapho itself is a counter to Carno as it has 50% Rend reistance.

New dino factor, with good stats overall and wide range of resistances. Good lead dino and you can go 2-0 up easily if the opponents don’t have the dinos to counter it.

Speaking of Moths…

I had some fun with arctops as a revenge killer… he didn’t do to bad either but some of that was the surprise factor.

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I think you missed the part about players hating speed ties.

stegod actually acted as a good counter for phor, it was able to take that instant rampage like a champ.

Whoever used moth didn’t get the memo that it’s awful

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Missed Monostego swap in, stun, dig in, swap to Phoru, stun, ir, r&r, Monostego swap in, etc…

Other than that, an accurate portrayal of the tournament.

My opponent swapped in to Stegod as I used IR. I then used R&R right into Monostego and KO’d Stegodeus.

I really feel as though that shouldn’t have been possible, Stegodeus should have been standing after taking 2 hits from a birdy and a wild card cera.

I was doing super badly in the tournament during the first few days, but then I saw a team I decided to steal that got me into the top 100. I won a lot of battles, but some I was genuinely outplayed and then there were the ones I only lost because of speedties. Only thing that makes me more mad than losing because of failed failed RNG is losing because of speedties. And I only won one of those, at least that’s something…

I didn’t have much problems with speed ties, I just spam clicked where the move I want to use is while the animations are playing.

You forgot the part where som of us were seeing those birds in our sleep, but otherwise pretty accurate