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Let's take a look at Phora

I’ve been using this bird for a little while now and I feel like it could use some improvements. First of all, it has the worst immunity. They usually cherry pick the immunities to make up for a specific creature’s weakness. How is swap prevention Phora’s weakness?


It can do sidestep every turn and cleanse anything. What is it meant to fight with that immunity? I don’t get it. I’m not sure if the devs fully understood this creature when it was created. It should be immune to stuns. Phora’s biggest weakness is being stunned. And the reason that is its biggest weakness is because the swap in stun sucks badly. If you swap in on a turn that someone is doing instant charge, and your swap in stun fails, you will take a hit and most likely get stunned. And then you will be locked for a swift death even though it is immune to swap prevention. It really doesn’t make sense to me.
And being stunned after using sidestep kinda defeats the whole purpose of it too.


Also, swap in stun is really bad. It’s a great move in theory, but it is devastating when it fails. Every other swap in is guaranteed to work, but swap in stun has the lowest percentage of anything in the game. It really needs a rework. It is bad and unreliable. I only go for it out of desperation. Otherwise, I don’t even attempt it.
Please give Phora the love it deserves, Ludia.


I think they gave it immune to swap prevention so it wouldn’t be a better version of smiloceph. (and they couldn’t think of anything else at the time.) Honestly if it had the immune to stun, i’d use it over smilo.

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I think swap in stun should be 100% and swap in stunning strike should be 75%. But 100% swap in stun would really help Phoru out I think. I love the idea of immunity to stuns as well.


one word: immobilize

I like the idea of swap in stun being 100%. Many creatures are already immune to stun. So it would really only work on a select few. But does it become easily abused? I haven’t ran it much so I don’t know


100% stun I think will make it OP and easily abused. I find Phorusaura unique level as of right now, high damage , speed and instant rampage. It’s not easy to counter right now at team level . It can run and repeat again …


Phorusaura and Smiloceph are similar in so many ways that I often forget that Phora isn’t stun-immune.
I’ve been using both for a while now, and they actually have slightly different niches. Smiloceph is definitely better against chompers, and can take down Dodgers more efficiently.
Phorusaura can be used to harrass Procera and the Indos, and even the occasional Erlidom. Sometimes I find swapping in Phora just so it stays in after using R&R can be useful too, which is kinda funny since it’s supposed to avoid being locked down. Changing SI-stun to be 100% would make that way more abusable, almost like a slightly more balanced but higher-damage rat. That would definitely be interesting to play around with.

I’m fine with stun countering Phorusaura, because if it doesn’t, what else will? I mean, Thor would be better with Immunity to Distraction, but that would be bad for obvious reasons. And besides, enough creatures have Immunity to stun as it is, but people can’t seem to get enough of it. Between those and all the fully-immunes in the meta these days, stun is a lot less relevant than it once was.
If anyone has trouble reconciling with the fact that Phora isn’t stun immune, don’t think of immunity to swap-prevention as taking it’s place. If Phora didn’t have that immunity, it probably wouldn’t have any at all. Perhaps pinning will be more relevant after the next patch, who knows?
After all, Phorusaura could well get a unique that it makes more sense on.

Why should it be better? It’s already good for a legendary.

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Phorusaura is already one of the better legendaries, and you want the developers to make it even more OP? On top of that, he isn’t even a superhybrid, meaning he’s eventually going to get an absolute monster superhybrid, that’ll destroy the game. Just wait and see.

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I don’t think It should get immunity to stuns, it’s already a very good hybrid and there are a lot of creatures with immunity to stuns, too much more and stunning will be useless. But i completely agree that swap in stun should be 100%. It’s the only swap in ability that can fail, and i don’t think that’s right.

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Agree that it’s already one of the top Legendaries, maybe the Unique version can have immune to stun but IMO Leg’s should have an obvious counter.

I am, however, in favor up bumping up swap in stun to 75%-90% (probably not 100%)

I honestly agree with immune to swap prevention being bad, and should be replaced with phorushracoses immunity. That being immune to deceleration. But other then that? Phorusaura is really underrated and is probably one of the best legendaries right now, and in my tier list, he sits happily in tyrant. Cuz he is really underrated, with those insane stats, and instant Rampage is the death call of most my dinosaurs. Usually what goes on is they perform instant rampage, then rampage and run. Even if not, it has superiority Strike and sidestep. It is an underrated creature and deserves tyrant.

I think it should be immune to deceleration, since that would be more useful than immune to pin, and phorusrhacos has immune to deceleration so it would make sense

'Rat stares intensifies ’

I’d take out phorusaura’s immune to SP to immune to deceleration, I know it has superiority strike and sidestep, but I feel like it would be better for phorusaura to have it. Also let’s take out swap in stun for swap in dodge since swap in dodge is a guaranteed and if your stun fails on a Thor’s IC, it’s a swap in die.

I don’t think we should look at it like “It’s just a legendary, its hybrid will be better.” It may never get a hybrid. Also, Indo g2 is just a legendary too but could also be called the most OP dino in the game right now. I’m not trying to make Phora OP. I just want it to make sense. A creature’s immunity is usually to make up for its weakness. Stuns are Phora’s biggest weakness. Swap prevention is not. The only time it needs to be immune to swap prevention is when the swap in stun fails and you get stunned upon arrival. THAT is when Phora needs to have its immunity work because you are suddenly pinned and stunned, but of course it doesn’t work like that.


No one ever sees the instant rampage until it hits…

I can tell you from this stroke event it annoys cause you can’t lock it so it just runs stun and kills

What they do to kill
Instant ram
Instant ram
If you survived this far… your a god.

Lol ya it’s hard cause even if you stun it can swap out to something just swap in and side step or rampage