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Let's talk about 5% crit

Ah yes, the 5% crit. The bane of my existence every other weekend during the only time I find jwa worth playing anymore.

What is the 5% crits purpose? The obvious answer is: to add some rng to our play.

But why? Is it fun? For me, it’s not. When I get them, I know that my time to get crit is coming. So rather than celebrate them, I grit my teeth and wait. Yep, teixe in 1 match, win them the match. There it is.

It swings both ways - Inwin some matches that way too. But I don’t find it fun.

10%+, sure. But 5% - why?

Do you like the 5% rng?


Overall, I don’t care for it. I had a battle today where my opponent got 3 criticals in a row, all with a 5% chance. Then I took my turn and got a critical, also with a 5% chance. It’s really annoying when you work so hard, put so much thought into a good battle strategy then somehow that sorta luck appears and that’s it for you, game over. Battling is already frustrating enough, you know?

Oh, and my opponent just got another as I was typing this…

Honestly 5% triggers more than 40% sometimes

I was going to say “whatever the 5% crit” until the battle that Tuojiangosaurus got a crit on the counter AND on the precise move

For me 5% it like 50% for opponent
And 5% for me
Why opponent is lucky?:joy:

Its so annoying when my opponents get a 5%. Its like they have a 50% chance and I have a 1% chance. I’ve lost so many battles to creatures with 5% like green Becky or some other creatures.

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It only feels like it, because your mind better remembers the times when your opponent crits. But yes, it is really annoying, but it is just part of the game. I think there is no real reason to remove it now, it just ads a little bit of unpredictability to the game, which is nice imo.


OK, that makes sense. Thanks

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My 5% crit always triggers at the final attack… When I already have enough damage to win the match

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Just in case this is a joke

I think the title is wrong I think it’s
Let’s talk about 50% crit not 5 there’s no such thing

My 5% only triggers one out of 20 times! It’s preposterous!

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5% crits are really annoying but that’s probably the most insignificant problem in the game, when your 75% stuns don’t work it’s more annoying, when your 75% dodges don’t work it’s more annoying, so look at the bright side and enjoy the game


I’ve been in freefall on the tournament today, as my opponents keep getting crits from 5% chancers that push them over the edge to get a takedown that they wouldn’t have gotten.

Seriously, an Elasmotherium just critted 3 out of 4 attacks on me, followed by a Dracorex with 2 out of 3, followed by a Kelenken with 1/1.
That was a fun game…

Meanwhile, my Titanoboa has critted once out of about 12 attacks (based on a 20%) chance.

It’s frustrating when you end up on the receiving end of this kind of bad luck, especially in tournaments as it screws you out of rewards, but it’s just RNG at the end of the day.

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