Let's talk about DIO the only one

In the tier lists discussion I feel like there is not many discussions about Dio, if it deserves the High Apex tier, if it should drop or upgrade a tier

So in this topic we’ll take a closer look on Dio


HP : 4500
DMG : 1000
Speed : 108
Armor : 30%
Crit chance : 5%

Superiority strike
Instant Distraction
Ferocious strike
Instant invicibility

Precise shattering counter

So in wich tier should it deserves ?

  • High Tyrant
  • Low Tyrant
  • High Apex
  • Mid Apex

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Basically trykos cousin who is a worse then it overall but does better in some match ups


I’d have Diora over Tryko any day

I am willing to use Dio instead of Tryko, having cleansing and speed reduction really helps plus it’s counter attack is much more powerful.

Dio is a great example of how their is more to loading up your team with tyrants and calling it a day. And how it would be beneficial for gamepress to give a “team player” type of rating to help players better understand the positioning of stuff like dio.

Looking at its 1v1 fighting their is a case to be made it should be in mid apex.

Looking at its usage rates in the top 20 and Dio makes a case to be considered Low tyrant.

Id say high apex is a pretty good spot for Dio.

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Dio isn’t the greatest on it’s own, but it’s just so versatile.
As an opener it does considerable damage even with terrible matchups, and although most don’t think about using him for it, it makes a great swap in bomb.
It’s one of the few dinos that doesn’t have complete disaster potential except for maybe Grypo.
I would take Dio over Procera for sure.
If not Low Tyrant, Dio is the highest of the high apex.


Agree - I often use it as a swap in bomb - it is more effective in that roll than Tryko and can do a lot of damage as well as absorbing a lot

I kick Tryko from my team and using Dio and Grypolyth. In this patch is Dio absolutly needful, because he is one of small who he can beat indoraptor Gen2. Am using him like grypolyth, just only to save me better dinosaur, give one maybe two counter attack and die, but how I can see…its winning battles :smiley: