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Let's talk about dodges

What are you"re thoughts

They absolutely suck, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I detest their very existence.

When the survey came out I wish there was an option to answer that they should be left as they were or nerfed even harder, but there wasn’t. So now we are left with evasive strike, dodge and cloak working pretty much every single time. And often 3x in a row.

That’s cool if you have a nullify move, but decent dinos with that are rarer now with Monostegotops losing it, so as often as not you just have to sit back and do only 25% damage.

Ah well, I know I’m in the minority here.
So all those who love the fact that your Dino is way more likely to dodge now, enjoy.


I just don’t get why they forced that annoying dig in on ceratopsians (all but Dracocera) and turned them into mini dracoceras with an annoying resistance. Monostego should have kept its nullify impact.


Mine never seems to work so I don’t even bother using it anymore. Rather have another move that does damage take it’s place.

I’d say they are better than the previous iteration for sure. Maybe even balanced. I like that some “luck” component has been taken away by dodges in general - for example if you have about 300 health and you know a Rampage is coming, don’t expect to survive miraculously via dodge.

However, I do believe the dodge component should be taken away from Cautious strike.


I think they were the best before they were changed. It was a simple fair mechanic that you knew could fail you or help you, it was the same for each side.

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There are other Dinos which has the ability to bypass Cloak/Evasion.

I mean it says 75%, but so far Erlidom manages to rampage their way through mine nearly every stinkin’ time.

Although I have to admit, it still feels like a 50/50 chance right now, regardless of what’s written. So I don’t see it as too much of a problem.


Erli wise, it’s really a mixed bag for me. Some battles, it dodges 2 chomps from thor, other times it goes down with just 1 hit. So the 75% doesn’t really mean anything to me. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Just think of it as a risk/reward thing. High risk = high reward or high failure

They need to go back to 100% dodge not anything less than that. Any percentage lower than 100% is identity theft towards those that have this ability. It should have not been nerfed at all.


I can’t remember if indo started off with 100% dodge. By the time I unlocked this dino, it was 50/50 for 3 turns.

It did. I didn’t unlock it in time either lol.

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I never really bothered with Dodgers that much. The only ones I use currently are Erlidom and Indo and even then I hardly use Indo’s dodge, with Erlidom I only cloak when I know i’m going to win.

Yup. The more you use it, the more it’ll fail. If every move had a 75% stun chance, you’d see it failing a LOT more. That’s just how probability works. It’s just changing 1 fail out of 4 to 10 fails out of 40.
Same percentage, different sample size.

Evasive Stance is much more worth it now though. If you can one-shot the opponent with a rampage, it’s usually best to open with ES to wait out the delay.

The players (like myself) were sick to death of facing dinos like Indoraptor which would avoid getting hit 3x in a row, not to mention Monomimus, that would simply come in and avoid attacks time after time after time.

The fact that no damage was done either merely served to rub salt on the wound (or not as was the case!) and the move was as far from reality as would be imaginable. 100% dodge with no damage done is just a completely ridiculous move and should never have been in the game at all.

I guess it’s the fact a % is attached to a moveset, and no one really knows how it calculates. And ppl starts to imagine stuff abt the % when things don’t go their way. Totally random? Or some other shenanigans goin on?
What if the moveset just says evasive has “a chance” to evade for 3 turns? Market it as a high risk/high reward move instead of a % based move, just remove the % itself in the description. Would that make it an easier pill to swallow?

Don’t make it broken and the worst thing in the arena again please

In my opinion they redid it wrong. Instead of 75 percent the should have left it 50/50 but change the amount dodged. They could have changed it to 75% mitigated if successful, 25% mitigated if not. That way you still always get some damage, but you also always dodge some. The original was ok but too RNG op, the nerd was in the right direction but too much. They tried balancing it but to me they changed the wrong stat. And I voted for diminishing returns where if you dodge the first time you have less chance to dodge 2nd. Or vice versa. I run indo and erlidom on my team as well.

I’m perfectly fine with how It is now. You can’t rely on It to survive with 1 hp, but it’s very reliable now, dodge creatures are good again. You’ll take damage no matter what, but now there’s more strategy to it. You have to use counters and not just rely on luck.