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Lets talk about Grypolyth

I can’t understand this. Why is grypolyth weaker than its 2 ingredients? They changed its moves around which is great but its counter isn’t based off of its damage anymore and it only has 1x damaging attacks. Why wouldn’t they buff its damage up to be more useful since it can’t ferocious anymore? It has its uses but it hits like a wet noodle. Most dinos in its category that do a 1x counter or something need to have their damage on the lower side like dio but it doesn’t make sense for grypo anymore.


It’s supposed to be a stall-orientated crocodile now. Most stallers have meh attack because of the counter attack damage (unless you’re tryko). In Grypo’s case, 25% health for each surviving hit plus able to put up shields and heal is actually not too bad.

It’s tactical. Supposed to be a longer lasting Pura. Yeah sure, its attack is bad, but that’s what the shield and regen move is for. To outlast the opponent. Get that up, wait to hit low health and boom. Grypo is very useful

I just wish it had a little bit more playability with it. I would love to have a croc that is actually superb. All the bipedal dinos run everything.

It isn’t the best dino ever made, but think of it this way: At least we have a croc that’s ACTUALLY usable to a certain regard. Heck, I’ve seen it on top level teams every now and then on the leaderboards.

Is purataurus a croc, then if so… I think I’ve said enough

Ive been comparing both recently, and I think both of them are interchangeable. One has a rampage and distraction while the other has healing and an instant stun and pin. Don’t get me wrong though, I have the same opinion about Puru, it’s a beast


@Colin_Goodman the thing got a complete rework. Might wanna update that post, no offense :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it won’t let me edit the original post now (on most of the early DotD :cry: ) so I added the update in the most recent comment.

I dont count the carno hybrid as a croc. I mean actual croc. Sarcorixis, grypolyth, things like that. Not these goofy looking things like purrolyth and carno hybrid. I would’ve loved to have used sarcorixis more but the damage they took away made him more useless. That carno hybrid is only good with boosts anyways. Its decent without but not super good.

But yeah, regarding the differences of Puru and Grypo, Puru seems more of an offensive rendering counter attacker while grypo seems more of a defensive one. That’s just my observations :wink:

Think of it as a bulkier Purutaurus that can heal

The only change I would suggest is making the stun of immoblize to last 2 turns since it doesn’t do any damage at all or reduce its cool down to 1 so you can pin your opponent more frequently, or just change it to instant lock down strike like dimodactlyus.

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I mean im cool with some sort of change. Its not like i want it to have 1500 attack or anything. I just think it could use a little bit of a rework. As far as it being a staller goes i think other dinos of lower tier work way better while also being able to kill and are easier to acquire. Look at mira for example. I just think they should bump its health/armor, or both up a bit and make him a bit more appealing. I dont know why i bother though since the way they do moves is weird. Armor piercing impact- 2 turn cooldown, defense shattering impact? 1 turn cooldown. Instant rampage? Literally rampage that takes priority you can use every other turn. I think Ludia needs to learn a bit more about balance personally. This is all personal preference in regards to crocs though, i understand what all of you are saying, it just makes me a sad panda.

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Dont worry, we all understand. And besides, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot when theres over-boosted Thors, Erlidominus’, Dracoceratops’, and Indoraptors ruining the arena. Most tanks/stallers (unless you’re tryko) wont last long to those monsters now thanks to stat boosts

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