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Lets talk about some issues Ludia


Alright so I have a few things I would like to discuss with the community and Ludia. Rather have a discussion about. It’s a broad spectrum of things so there will be a few different items brought up but I will mainly focus on Alliance issues.

  1. In the new update notes you mentioned you are fixing the 3 turn activity of Ready To Crush (RTC). Now I’m all for this especially since thats the way it should be anyways (1 turn activate 3 turn active). However, you have failed to fix another move type with the same exact issue, the slowing moves. Thagomizer and the like are suppose to slow the opponent for 3 turns, again the 1 turn activate and 3 turn active should apply, yet it doesn’t. Instead its 1 turn activate and 2 turn active, so after 2 turns the opponent is up to speed again. The activate turn should not count towards the 3 turn slow due to the fact that the opponents dino and the players dino have both attacked already in this turn just like RTC. Either the description needs to be fixed or changed.

  2. Alliances. Lets be honest, as a leader of an alliance you have absolutely no way of tracking your members progress, activity, or donations and requests. This is a major issue when trying to properly maintain a good alliance. As a leader I should not have to set up a Facebook group or Discord and ask all of my members to join it just to have them go out of their way to tell me who is or isn’t donating. That is a bit ridiculous and asking alot from members who don’t want leadership or management roles but its also impossible to track anything without them doing so. I would highly recommend your staff take a bit of time and prioritize your alliance system to make it more practical for everyone to use so they can have successful alliances.

  3. Not being able to speak one on one to a member of your alliance is really annoying. In order to communicate with a single individual you have to put something in the alliance chat for everyone to see and hope that one person you are trying to talk to sees it. This is also a bit ridiculous and should probably be looked into.

  4. The final issue is that of the alliance chat. After going into a battle some players experience an issue where we can’t communicate in alliance chat, it gives us the option to type a message but it never gets delivered into the chat, the only way to fix it is to completely close out the game and reload it. This issue needs to be fixed please.

Thank you for reading this, these aren’t complaints just issues I believe need to be addressed. Please keep this thread civil and mature.


I agree on the aspect that leaders need some way within the alliance to see who is active and donating, I really hoped they would of sorted this in this upcoming update.


I agree, however they did do alot of good things. I am disappointed in a few things with the new update though.