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Lets talk about stats

there is a lot of confusion on this topic and whats being posted is almost all wrong so here is a full break down for hero stats.

  • STR – Strength. Usually affects damage for melee characters.
  • DEX – Dexterity. Usually affects hit rate and damage for ranged characters.
  • CON – Constitution. Usually affects the maximum hit points and defense.
  • INT – Intelligence. Usually affects damage for the mage characters.
  • WIS – Wisdom. Usually affects healing and buff effects for cleric characters.
  • CHA – Charisma. Usually affects various effects for bard characters.
  • ATK – Attack rating. Higher will give a better hit rate and critical hit chances.
  • DMG – Attack damage range.
  • HP – Hitpoints.
  • AC – Armor class. More will give better damage reduction bonuses.

I have no idea how the basic D&D stats actually function in this game, so I mostly consider them flavor. Sure characters with higher Con have more Hitpoints, but there is no way of changing their Con, so it doesn’t really matter.
The stats you really care about here are Attack, Damage, Hit Points, and Armor Class. Two of these are very easy to understand, Hit Points is how much damage you can take, and Damage is how much damage you deal (or sometimes heal). Attack and AC are slightly more complicated, and are actually linked.
First of all, neither affect your chance to hit or crit. Your hit chance is 95% and your crit chance is 5%. There are some effects on gear that modify these numbers, but stats do not. What these stats do is modify the damage dealt.
You’ve probably noticed that a character will sometimes hit outside their stated damage range, that’s a result of the attack vs AC calculation. The game divides the attacker’s attack value by the defender’s AC value. The result is multiplied by the attacker’s damage range to determine the damage range used. Then a number in that new range is randomly generated and becomes the damage dealt.
There are caps on this calculation though. If the Attack/AC ratio is higher than 3, it is set at 3, so you will never hit for more than triple your stated damage range (non crit). And if the Attack/AC ratio is less than 1/2 it is set to 1/2, so you will never do less than half damage. That’s why Tommus can still die even if he gets a billion AC.


Years ago the developers confirmed most of the generic D&D stats shown on hero cards were implemented for flavor only. Other than the obvious four, the rest have no impact on the game. Although I have analyzed many algorithms, I never spent time on determining precisely how AC, HP, Att and Dmg actually function.
@TheChuck’s explanation is one of the most detailed and thoughtful I have seen.

Welcome back Orloch :slight_smile: TheChuck and you are correct ATK, AC, DMG, and HP are the ones used in Warriors of Waterdeep.

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