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Let's talk about the new rat

At first I was excited.

Then I read the gamepress article and got scared.

Then I thought more - so long as you live after rat swaps in, whatever hit you had queued will still land.

On the rat.

Theres a decent chance you can finish it off yourself, I think.

Yes, it can still steal wins. But overall I think this is an improvement. Always overkill.


overall it is a better sawp in ability for it. There will be players that try to abuse it, but DC is much more predictable now. This also adds variety to play and teams when you don’t have to worry about an instant death. It’s more like the ceratopians now. and the attack doesn’t go through armor or shield so its damage can be reduced further. IT will be less effective on lower health creatures, but more effective on bulkier creatures like suchotator.

I see DC being boosted t20 health and whatever on attack and speed depending on the persons play style. Makes them able to continuously swap out an in, but there are a few legendary dinos that are bulky enough and have the base damage to remove it T1 when equally boosted in attack. (still not that viable, but even doing 60% of DC’s hp would allow them to greatly wound it and try again later.)

the change may not stop the continuous swap in and out, but this allows much more strategy and varied play than what we previously had.


The last sentence :ok_hand:t2:

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Decent chance if you can land a hit before they regenerate… as long as dc has a 50% priority heal it can use the turn it swaps in. It will be problematic to deal with.

I just know what its like to fight a swap happy ai… and know this is the playstyle their promoting… swap dc… swap monostego… regenerate… dig in. Heck add dg2 since its got savagery now as well. Pair them with some rampage and runners.

I think it’s good for diversity and overall, but I think it sounds way more annoying to deal with now.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this change lowering the level of rage and hatered that DC has inspired since it first got the swap in DSR. As long as it’s capable of stealing matches, it’s going to be a problem in the arena, and a never-ending stream of complaints will continue to flood the forums :neutral_face:

Ok so I know you had your hands full with this topic ever since it was introduced with draco gen2 swap in dsr. Now i know many changes have been introduced try to balance dracocera swap in ability but it never seems to be enough. Now we haven’t played through patch 1.11 yet but i feel the change to dracocera swap in attack wasn’t addressed because the main frustration i find with most players is that they get cheap shotted without any reliable way of preventing it. My suggestion is that no matter what dracoceras swap in attack is whether its rampage or this new one introduced, that it cannot finish of an opponent thus always leaving it with 1 hp. For example, if my elidom has 1.2k hp remaining and someone swaps in dracocera with it base attack then my erlidom survives with 1 hp. It was sorta briefly discussed with a few of the discord members and it was something that they can live with. Dracocera can still do what it was meant to do but it doesnt just get an easy kill.


The rat got 2 faces turned .
The swap in mechanic is clearly nerfed…(except if you use it against a 20point health gemini,which will lose over 4k health)
But on the other side,now it have 1500dmg…
So clearly,i hesitate about how to build it!
I don’t think putting 20 point on health is the best solution,since he have minimal speed up strike,
maybe i will try a boost with this composition: 10HP/10ATK/10 speed.
to get a rat with 129 speed ,around 4400hp,and probably over 2k dmg
Once he shot someone with minimal speedup strike,he would probably destroy lot of incoming speedsters

Yeah I was just thinking about how 1 hp really helps anyone if the dino is slower. No one wants to take a rampage or risk a strike and rampage combo. It needs to be reworked completely or make the swap in a strike instead. Its dumb that we still are fighting them on a real nerf, but instead of that we are satisfying those that should’ve never had access to a dino with this ability at all and boosts, lydia is at fault for leading this on so long. We won’t get the nerf we deserve, but at least it cant one shot anymore.

I bet ,if he is perfectly well boosted,he will be WAY worst than before

No doubts, it pushes the meta towards armored dinos because it will still 40% finish a thor. Boosts could easily re-evaluate the entire problem.

Yeah,hopefully,i wasnt in the part of those which put a 20dmg/10health…
I had stop mine at 10 :smiley: