Let's talk about the tournament medal system

Alright… Just gonna go out and say, Ludia, you need to take this back to the drawing board and COMPLETELY rework it.

Why are people encouraged to sit instead of actually playing, because you know, it’s a tournament??? Medals should decay overtime, or come up with another solution, but this is unacceptable.

Which brings to the next point. People, specifically the top 10 just removes themselves from competition after they reached a certain medal range. Which would be fine, if…


So, you artificially generating an almost unjumpable trench. I have been playing in the last 1,5 days battling almost nonstop and everytime I was about to break top 15 I got dragged into the abyss of top 150.

Why? Because you award medals based on the ENEMY MEDALS. Because you are using the algorithm of normal arena, when there are power-level differences, so trophy count kinda makes sense.

But how is it fair people lose 40 trophy losing to someone with EQUAL TEAM (because everyone in the tournament is unboosted and same level), then beating yet another EQUAL PLAYER awards only 20 trophies?

You are effectively demanding a 2/3 (66.7%) win/lose ratio on a playing field that is effectively set on pure 50%, because same dinosaurs, same rng team selection and rng-dependency in battles. Which doesn’t ever happen because of how the RNG in this game works on streaks.

It is a gaming field that should be based on dedication, skill and the will to play and not the entire top 15 sitting out the tournament once they hit their lucky streak, so everyone else cannot progress, because you get dragged down twice as fast as everyone else, because people are encouraged to remove themselves from competition, absolutely destroying a system that is broken even by default.

Either reprogram it or penalize sitting, because this is rubbish.


Yeah, Quantum said the same… it doesn’t make sense when it’s an equal level team. You are punishing players for being better than others…

I was on a roll until Saturday, competing for 10… then Sunday, the bad luck started… plus, I noticed many players started to get better, certainly adapting their team and making less mistakes… not to mention more good players that only started playing on Sunday… and of course, many that just copied the higher ranked teams and strategies… So every battle was tough as hell!.. I dropped from top 100, but managed to be back among top 50 and camped there since last night. It was just not worth it to keep playing, losing 40 trophies to win 20… If you lose two, you have to win five to have any progress…


I think they should of kept it at an even 30 medals gained or lost. That was as fair as it gets.


I would be fine if the difference was smaller… like, 25 to 35, tops.


25 to 35 would definitely be better but why penalize someone for being ahead in an even leveled/powered tournament? Thats unfair.

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I don’t like this current award system at all for the tourneys.

It encourages people to camp as everyone knows the risk involved if you lose 1-3 matches… your ranking will tank.

It truly blows my mind that I can match with people who wins against me and take 30-40 trophies. Then I have to painfully crawl back up by winning 20-23 trophies…



There is also a delay in the amount you win or lose based on placement. Last night I lost almost 10 games straight. Dropped down to around 600 medals. And was still losing 40 to teams 100 medals higher. After a reset and time to allow the LB to update it became normal. The risk is not worth the reward when you can drop so fast. Then you need to spend an additional 3-4 hours just to hope you can climb back up


Wow, that’s incredible! And I though my recovery was tough :open_mouth:


It is totally incredible that Ludia haven’t even responded to why they see fit to award different amounts of medals in a set level tournament. Everyone has the exact same chance to win or lose, so it should be a simple win or lose 30 whatever.



I dropped from 3rd place when NA people woke up and started winning all speed ties. Prayed for opponents that would give me more than 20, but you were almost the only one playing who I could lose or get ~30 from instead of the usual +20/-40 :sweat_smile:

Ggs btw!


Would using an ELO system like Chess and some other tournaments do, make a difference and a fairer table?


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That’s just :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: . Is it determined on the glitchy client’s side or how is this possible?

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I wouldn’t say that top players sit out the torunament. To get to that 200 tropheys cushion lead, they had to risk it and they had to win ten games straight. That can’t be just about luck ; it takes skill as well. And I played them while they were on top.

However, I agree that this system is unfair. For instance, I played versus all top three players a couple of matches. I have positive score with IDGT and BlackDragon, both 3:1, and catastrophic score with the third one of five consecutive defeats. Overall, my win:loses ratio with them is 6:7. So , pretty decent.

However, when I look at the tropheys won, not so even.
I got 2 x 40, and 4 times 20 points for my victories, so that is net gain of 160.
However, I lost a total of of 260 points against them.
And that has everything to do with me starting to play the tournament earlier than them.

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How is that? I don’t have time on the weekends and usually only start Sunday night. From where I stand it’s a great disadvantage to be the one catching up when everyone’s already up there.

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Man, don’t get me wrong, AI would do the exact same in your position.

I am not blaming people sitting, I blame Ludia for ALLOWING it.

Also, GG-s

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You awarded me 32-40 on wins, and we had some pretty interesting battles :sweat_smile:

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When you get near the top, catching up gets harder for everyone. However, late starters get near the top in a faster and easier way. Time-wise, they invest less time to get near to the top, getting 30-ish, 40-ish points for each victory, until they get there.

I reached the top sooner, and I was getting 20 points for all my victories the whole Saturday and losing 40 points for each defeat. Even against top players, who won tournaments before.

I know lol. I agree with some sort of decay as well. Possibly over a 12 hr period. This was an issue we had during seasonals a CPL months back. GG my friend. That last match was yours. Got lucky with the crit


I honestly have no idea how it works. Beyond my knowledge of technology lol. But from what information I get from others I think you are correct.

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@Eazy finally realized what your forum-account is :joy:

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