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Let's talk about utahsinoraptor

Why this thing got 2 buffs in a row when he already needed a nerf? It’s OP af right now he can beat pretty much every tank wich should beat him, chompers, and pretty much everything, on 1st turn he can easely do 1500+ damage distract, instant, critical, distract and so on he beats easely 2 Dinos
He needs a really fat nerf idk what ludia has on is head to buff him twice in a row seriously


Don’t, just don’t
Utahsino is the best one in my team


Simply put, and im not trying to upset anyone here, but Speed Boosts + Instant Charge is broke as hell and one of the main reasons the game is suffering in 1.7.

I’m sure not many will agree with me, being that 90% of you seem to have boosted a dino with Instant Charge, which in itself, speaks volumes.


At least it’s only 1x.

My Utah does plenty of sweeps, but gets countered hard from time to time too.

Speed boosts are totally unbalanced though.

I don’t care iff he is the best in your team I also have him and he is broken af
He needs a fat nerf. It’s just not fair how strong he is


Oh, a nerf topic… I missed those… not… :sleepy:


It doesn’t need a nerf. It just needs more boosts :smile:



My Utahsino was broken until Super Thor hit the scene, I’ve boosted it and everything and still can’t take the Super Thor lol


I boosted my utahsino and it handles Thor pretty well with distract and then taking priority first, if you get a crit in there Thor is done for at least for my utahsino. Its not all Thors fault that people abused the boosts that day. We will have to see what they do to repair things. Boosted Tryko will wreck your team too trust me I know, it happens to me.

OK, thanks for the advice bud

Oh my yes did I forget to mention the boosted Tryko lol? Every Thor I’ve encountered since “that day” has still been faster than my boosted Utahsino lol

Leave Utahsino alone. He’s fine. I have one and he gets whomped on plenty. The Dino that needs adjustment is Thor who demolishes my team (utahsino included) pretty regularly. Why Thor can be speed boosted to 165 is beyond me.


over 9000!

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I’m not talking about boosted Dinos a boosted free utasinoraptor is OP I’m not even talk about a boosted one

When someone throws a Draco out and takes out my first dino and I have this, I can one shot draco and have taken out the rest of a team by luck of a poor draw on my opponents end. I’m sure there are even faster ones than mine out there.


Its not the damage thats the problem, its that they stun you, then the next hit kills you…or the Dino you swap to!

Same reason they buffed thor and nerfed a bunch of random non-hybrid garbage dinos

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Idiocy? LOL

Nah its possible that the ones they nerfed might be due to a possible incoming hybrid, like how they made Invincibility Emu useless because it was getting a unique.

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