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Lets talk Boosts 2.0

Now that we’ve had time to analyze how boosts 2.0 will operate, what are your opinions of them, and how could they be most optimally used on each “class” of dinos?

I think boosts 2.0 has the strong possibility of a counter meta… lets say everyone decides in most cases 10/10/10 is the way to go… if alot of people start running that… some are gonna rollback a cpl boosts even at a loss… to a 9/9/12 build… speed is still crucial in this game…this may be a meta in which every week their is a new better build.

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Looks pretty dang good. It’ll encourage different builds for different dino types and make the game more strategy base. I’ve got a defensive, HP oriented spyx in mind.

It will probably be a high HP meta, that’s my guess at least, since I can see that the dinos that benefit from this system are slow, like tryko, dio, maxima, gemini, etc. I’ll be sure to invest in those. A max speed speedster seems like a waste of boosts since then you won’t be able to hit hard the high hp dinos that you already will outspeed anyway, but I guess there will be some odd speedy Rex builds out there. This actually reminds of pokemon, it’s like putting a scarf on a shuckle lol. But yeah, I still have no idea what to do with my speedsters or if I’ll even be able to keep them. Don’t know if they will be too viable. Guess maybe defensive everything is an interesting idea. Like a 20 damage 10 hp magna. But then it won’t be able to counter stuff like speed boosted rinex and utasino, just stuff like thor and tryko that are already slow.

boosts 2.0 addressed alot of concerns but i feel that the exchange rate screws us… not only should we get our refunded boosts, we should also get extra boosts… we paid for a higher quality product.


How i feel is that this system does favor tanks and anything that really only needs 2 stats to function. For tanks, just go 20/10/0. For speedsters, go 10/10/10. For chompers, go 10/20/0.

Overall, i still think thor got destroyed by this change. Itll still be useful, but i feel like it’s going to fall off teams since it cant go gun-ho with boosts anymore


Keep in mind most thors are higher level than most things on teams, which means more boosts can be applied, if I’m understanding it right.

Thor existed prior to boosts and will exist still within the meta but what has changed now is you’ll have to decide if you want to fast Thor, a Thor that hits like a truck or a Thor with high survivability instead of having all three in one. I honestly expect this iteration of boosts to bring the balance to the arena that we’ve all been hoping for, now if we can just get them to fix matchmaking

you guys have to think endgame.

…which is why i believe thor got destroyed by this change. It cant have all 3 at once lol

The major thing that will change is the survivability of Speedsters. They will not be much of a relevant Dinos as they are now.

High Damage Dinos will be Boosted to even higher Damage and high HP Dinos will be Boosted to even higher HP.

In Speedsters case, they should be Boosted in all three aspects in order to survive.

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up to you if you want to speed boost a speedster…if you go 20, 10, 0 its still faster then that 20, 10, 0 tank.

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That’s the problem. Tanks doesn’t need Speed. If the Hp is Boosted enough, they can survive most Speedsters exept maybe Magna.

I think its funny how everyone took the example that you can’t have a level 21 Thor at tier 10-10-10 to mean that 30 is the total amount of boosts you can put on a level 30 creature AND that the other example of boost distribution of 7-7-7 or 7-5-9 means that a level 21 unique can be boosted to tier 7.

You’re assuming that a unique, created at level 21, will count as level 1 which makes no sense. They started in their example that a level 21 could be 777 or 759 and you would have to choose what to sacrifice.

But a 2.0 T7 is not as powerful as the current T7. As I understand it, the new tiers are about half as powerful as the current tiers so a 2.0 T7 would be equivalent to a T3-T4.

One thing, KILL THE RAT with the boost reset. I mean nerf it to absolute death and never add such a cheap piece of trash to this game again.

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