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Lets talk "fairplay" here, Ludia

This is a huge issue…thats on going. You have gotten your reports… Im not going to go into details here get this thread locked. Impact of the playerbase is pretty high here, which by your past statements should escalate this issue.

This has nothing to do with the recent darting exploit and everything to do with someone youve banned in the past coming back with a fresh account.

Ive patiently sat back and waited hoping youd take action before this weekend but its looking like maybe i took the wrong approach.


What the background? Seems extremely serious to be couched in careful language.

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I dont want the thread closed but i also dont want this issue to take 3-5 months to be resolved so wording is important.

But, the best i can do is that Ludia needs to take a hard look at alot of the recent tournaments. And how they are going to rectify this to those that have been affected.

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I dun play Tournaments mainly because they are just not worth the pain and aggravation.

Certain players being banned and then cheating to return is wrong. I am not sure Ludia is competent enough to solve the problem.

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