Let's talk paramoloch


I’ve recently acquired paramoloch and I’m using it a ton, I’ve wanted it for a while… It look amazing and I don’t think it’s too bad of a dinosaur, I’ve been using it a ton however I think it should have superiority strike instead of low stunning strike, seeing as para has it. Also maybe it should have greater stunning strike deal 1.5 damage instead of just normal base damage. Maybe this is just me personally however I’m loving this dinosaur


Agree with superiority strike but two 75% stun chance move is just enough


Definitely needs a boost. Before the last big update she was one of the best. Now she’s probably the worst legendary in my opinion.


She already get boosted but not enough bc she lack of superiority move


Agree. Maybe the moveset is fine as it is. I think it needs a damage boost. Now is too low, it lost about 400 damage from last patch (at level 26).
Something like 1200 or 1150 shoulf be enough, comsidering that its hybrid (tuoramoloch) gets a 400 damage boost, and counter attack.


I am fine with the low stunning strike to an extent, but superiority strike would be nice. I think the greater stunning strike should become greater stunning impact though