Let's talk Tragodistis Change

So ok,

For what i have read,people,you think tragod got a nerf but lets take a closer look…

-Superiority strike become superior vulnerability
-Get immune to vulnerability



So…i ask you really…is it truly a nerf???
I mean,take both cases.

Old trago vs new trago:

Old trago:superiority strike turn 1 + rampage turn 2= 3000dmg
New trago:Superior vulnerability turn 1 + Rampage turn 2 =3400 dmg…

So ofc you will have to set your velnerability now to deal more damage but you can be stronger than before;

What do you think??


i’m not sure what to think honestly. damage nerf may have been fine if SV wasn’t changed, but now… not so sure.


I don’t really think its a “nerf”,its a change of status and of strategy,yes but i think his kit is cooler but got a nerf in his attributs

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Honestly this is more of a buff than nerf to me. Even though it lost 150 ATK and 90 HP, think about it, Rampage + the Vulnerability is so good and you can’t give trago a taste of it’s own medicine now.

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it does more damage to non immune dinos, but less to immune. I’m 50/50 on it. I can’t really accurately compare since i never got to use tragod before i got stuff that was better.

The trouble is that there are so many immunes running around, will the superior vulnerability make up for the lost attack?


Doesn’t sv only make you vulnerable immediately for 1 turn only?

I wonder if it don’t stack 2 turns???

Damn,i forgot the immune meta…

People aren’t taking the counter attack into effect. If trago goes first, the creature will be vulnerable, allowing the counter attack do deal even more damage. The downside is obviously the immune creatures that are everywhere


At the end it hasnt use because a lot of dinos have immunities

Yup,sadly ludia won’t fix the immunity problem…

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I’ve been using Tragod since … since I can’t even remember when, it’s been that long. I think it’s a nerf because although the vulnerability is nice, the main perk of tragod was being able to go rampage — stun ---- rampage for a surprising amount of damage while mitigating a turn. You only really used superiority against fast distracters (who are immune anyways) or both indos.

Add the fact that superior vulnerability only works on the next turn now, it’s even worse.

A definite nerf.

So many ProceRAT running around.

Instant Distraction + Distracting Rampage = 0 Damage.

At least with SS she can still clease. Not after the update.

She will definitely be benched after this. Have to replace her place with Dio instead.

Lydia’s logic.

None of the moves work that good with full immunity tbh. Its the amount of big options that full immunity has, its not actually full immunity that’s a problem. Its the amount of effect those that have it do… Maxima, gemini, magna, erlidom, and procerat. Lol All of them are likely to be on teams. The turtle already can’t hang with maxima or magna. This change makes tragod a bit worse against them I believe. Sure it will work on the non immune, lol.

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Superior Vulnerability also cleanses distraction

I don’t know what to think yet… it will clearly be an improvement against non-immunes but it will get worse against immunes. If I had to guess, I would say it’s a nerf, cause it will be easier for an opponent to swap to an immune creature when it’s on the field, since the damage will be lower… And creatures with Instant Charge can avoid the damage when they’re vulnerable at least once (and that’s usually enough).

Who cares if this change is a nerf or not?
Here a proud owner of a lv30 Tragod, which until December was on my team…
But sadly, it no longer works in this meta… and this changes don’t change that fact.

Goodnight, sweet princess.

It’s very clearly a nerf, when you consider all the following:

  • Full immunity meta
  • Creatures immune to vulnerability
  • The drop in chip damage from counter attacks
  • Most creatures that counter Targodistis (chompers) were barely touched by the nerfs
  • no swap-out prevention, not that anyone was expecting it anyway

Rampage was never the strongest tool Targodistis has, and two turns to probably maybe land 400 damage is nowhere nearly as good as the slight damage buff this creature deserved. I used to run it on my team for months but it’s just not good enough as a hybrid tank - and now it’s even worse.

I was thinking “this is not bringing back Trago” but was not sure. But thanks for this thread, I’m now sure it’s staying in the background!!! Love the input of those rare players who are still using it (Maks and Viatovic) and analysis from the others, but yep, what was once my favorite dino will still stay out of my team :pleading_face: