Lets talk tryko

Dons flame retardant suit
Also in b4 “tryko is fine” “l2play” “level up counters” “hardest dino to make in the game should be powerful” and “here we go asking for nerfs again”


Tryko, which per a spot check is used in about 85+% of top 100 teams, seems a smidge too strong. Some factors that play into it -

30% crit
30% armor
.5 counter

For comparison, thor has 40% crit. But this isnt an issue, because its staying power doesnt match trykos. If its a crit, its a cool surprise.

Tryko will likely crit at least once befire it dies. And thats a really big hit.

I am wondering/wanting to discuss- please give us some additional counters. Or any of the following minor adjustments (these are OR conditions):

Armor 20%
.25 counter
Crit to 20%

I think any of these would be fine.

Before you ask, no I dont have it. Yes, I do lose to it. But I also win against it fairly often too.

Just looking for a bit of balance is all.

Now if youll excuse me, im off to get some aloe vera just in case…


My Tryko is a lazy bum, she has yet to crit for me :sob:

I haven’t used Thora yet, but she is too pretty to just let her gather dust

idk i like my thor. shes always crit for me and is fun to use even at level 21. the problem is… the dna is spread to thin. to many require the same ingredients so choosing what to proceed with is vital. i want to go the tryko route due to the changes… but now that even wrothgar is bocking about it… itll probably be nerfed as soon as i unlock it if ever :man_shrugging:

Pat my friend, dont worry. I am simply a player offering what I hope to be some grounded well thought out feedback. Im nobody- Ludia doesnt even know who I am lol.

That said, I adore this game. I battle far too much- on average 20-30 arena matches a day. I love it.

Tryko was usable before, and some folks thought he didn’t need a buff. I disagree. He needed some love. I just think maybe it was slightly overdone. Key word: slightly.

I love his moveset. Its fun to play against. Makes you think ahead a few turns. Make hard choices.

I just feel, and I may be wrong, it’s a little bit too strong. He lasts so long, his 30% crit feels like it may as well be “guaranteed to crit at least once before it dies”. And its damage is already so high, thats a big deal. A crit should be something you go “YES!” to, because its a little rare. Thats what makes thor special.

Anyway, as I said, maybe Im wrong. Ive played over 100 games since patch. Maybe far too few.

Open to hear what others have to say :slight_smile: Im open minded.

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The most difficult part of the game for indecisive people like me IMO


When tryko comes out I swap to my dimodactylus (L19) - swap in DoT, it can survive the first hit (unless tryko gets the crit), then do a bleed and stack to DoT - dimo then dies having done its job and dealing major DoT damage. Virtually any next dino finishes the job (if necessary).

I’ve never had a problem with thoro at all. Usually a 2 shot kill, 3 if I didn’t field an immune dino against it.


I started using it tonight… to little effect. I just think myself in circles and zigzags and through time-space distortions with it lmao.
But I def lose to it often enough.


You’re confirming that i want to level that bird up as much as possible. I got an incubator infusion that let me take it to almost 15. Lot of levels to go before i feel it’s capable, though.


Having used Tykio before the patch and after. I think that 50% counter is too much and that 25% might be the sweet spot for the counter. But I love this Dino and I like that I can actually combat an indoraptor with it.


Yeah, I want to go another 5 or so to get the HP up there. At least the dinos that make it are easy to find - unlike all the other new hybrids whose component dinos have seemed to disappear!

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Thats just how game balance seems to work in JWA.

Now you have until next patch to either have fun with Tryko or be tormented by Tryko.

Next patch it will be nerfed, or shoved to the back of the bus by the next wave of god-like super beasts they roll out in 1.6. :sunglasses:

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Tryko needed some love honestly, it was very underwhelming considering how hard It was to create, but this is just too much, It was already good and i expected a minor buff, not a major buff like It was a carcass tier, i hope they slightly nerf him in 1.6, because right now its just too good.

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Tryko is definitely OP right now. She needed just small tweeks. Instead they gave her steroids. It can be a great tank with instant distraction and instant invincibility and still do meaningful damage with its counter. It has high crit and damage along with a ds rampage. It completely counter tanks and has no real counters. It out classes both thorodolosaur and diorajasaur at their own niches. A lot of ludia’s balance changes make no sense to me.


Ok, i realize my biggest issue with it - though you can play it with some great plays and strategy, its far too rewarding simply hitting id, ii, id. Most dinos will take so much counterattck dmg (usually at least one crits) that you need no thought to typcially be effective with it.

This should change.

The simplest solution in my mind is what was already suggested - make counterattack back to .25. That way you cant just sit behind 3 turns of almost 0 dmg while your opponent kills themselves on you.


And there goes my post.

I mean, its basically like 1.4 stegodeus, too good at everything (there’s to say that stego was relatively easy to get, and tryko is one of the most difficult dino to get, at least).


Not to get off topic but is dioraj good? I notice most of the top teams have rajank. Why not dioraj? I haven’t created dioraj yet and am wondering if I should or use dna to keep levelling up rajaank

Rajaky is easier to level up, and has a better moveset and stats imo.

Most have rajakylo becase in 1.4 she was better and they most likely dont have enough dna to get a similarly leveled dio. Swap in ferocious and defense shattering counter can make for some sneaky kills. It is in an ok spot right now just I think it needs more hp. Cant get many counters in if you get 2 shot by a lot of dinos. Compaired to other uniques I think the only dinos she is better than are tuoramoloch, magnapyritor, and the new grypho one. Probably on par with thoro.

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Thanks for the help.