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Let's think of other ways Ludia could make this game suck even more

I bet next they implement the crit and armor boosts with some “accidental” sales that are unlimited. If the employee reviews didn’t actually point out how inept the entire company is I’d think they were doing this all on purpose.


Let’s put all the move sets up for sale!
That way all the heavily overboosted Thor finally get a more comprehensive move set :nerd_face:
And add to that the ability to fuse move sets. Instant charge stun DSR with 95% crit. The arena would love it


Givning boosts to the Epic-strikes…!?

Continue to have common and rare events every week (Hard to find correct green stops)

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i feel like de-boosts are coming too. where you can boost your dinos as usual. then every dino will have a de-boost ability starting at tier 0. then every tier you have this ability boosted, it will unboost your opponents dinos by 1 tier.

this will probably get implemented once people starting reaching max tiers. actually, why not do it now? make everyone pay for the game 3 times instead of just 2 times as it is now :man_shrugging:


They could do as they’ve done in PoGo , and add a special move to the Dino of your choice . So you could have Defence shattering rampage , plus Distracting rampage and why not add a nullifying rampage too . Then just to balance it out , cloak or evasive stance to Thor or Magna . That should do it :slight_smile:


Sale of widgets that allow you to transfer boost from one creature to another.

buffing monomi would for sure kill the game

Allow cheating from players who rallied against cheating…thats all.


…i would probably cancel my vip if they did that without a proper balancing measure

I guess that’s why so many people cancelled their VIP when boosts were implemented !
My idea was simply in answer to the op .

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Pay to select your 4 dinos in battle (one time use, unlimited stock).


Hold a tournament with boosts (ai rewards trophies). Lord Lythronax dna awarded to top 500 players.


Nothing we can think of will trump what they come up with … no matter how outlandish … ever wanted your T-Rex to out speed your velociraptor?

No, never


2 words… in-game global chat ok it’s 3 but yeah

Global chat in game

Considering how buggy alliance chat still is may not do anything


Thanks for giving someone from Ludia this idea now. Whoever is calling the shots over there will probably think it’s brilliant.


Coming soon to the game store…


They could sell Dino’s and dna in the store… Buy an egg.

They could dry up the Dino’s again like before Christmas time when scents were introduced

They could rotate zones on a daily basis.

They could make it so that Dino’s only spawned on sponsored spots and events only in parks again.

Let’s see… So very very many ways they could.

in game bidding wars? for if a hit crits, or a dodge or stun works?

initiate attack… on screen pop up for both players to enter their credit info. then a bidding war starts and the highest bidder gets to decide if a hit crits. then another round to see if a dodge works or not, if applicable. then another round to see if a stun works, if applicable. then proceed like this for each turn.

this plus de-boosts. i think i should apply to work for ludia :smiling_imp:


Loading screen hangs at 23/24 until you swipe your credit card. Everyone must pay the Ludia Toll to start the game each day, and better hope you don’t lose connection. :face_with_monocle: maybe that’s why we have so many disconnects??? Getting ready to implement the toll system.