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Lets trade high level sanctuaries

Hello. I want to trade sanctuaries with other alliances. I had 3 level 20s on my game the other day. I can guarantee to trade you 2 level 20s for your level 20. The bottom sanctuary is not mine to trade.
By trading sanctuaries, you don’t have to worry about what dinos to have on your lists as dino spaces will be plentiful. There is no need to wait 3 hours to feed the dinos you want. The other sanctuaries will have more copies of it.

If you need help leveling up, I can help with that too. If you have any questions about sanctuaries feel free to message me.
Sanctuaries keep getting nerfed. Base DNA given was lowered and now no one wants to waste boosts on sanctuaries. Lets fight back and trade.

Look up my alliance in the game - KillerRaptors