Letter to Ludia: Event Exclusivity and Powercreep

Hey everyone,

GamePress issued an Open Letter to Ludia about the state of hunting and Exclusivity in JWA. I wanted to start this Topic to discuss your thoughts on the Letter and on the subjects themselves. What do you think? Share this topic to your communities as well so everyone can get involved!


I’ve just read this letter and it says everything I’ve been thinking for some time now.

The game has gone from being a great reason to go out walking and darting to a game that will satisfy someone who wants to sit at home and spend money on getting the latest exclusive dna from the store.

Those who have read my posts over the years will know I have no issue with those who choose to spend money on the game. It is them who keep the game alive after all, but sadly it seems to have had such a negative effect on the way the game has now shifted toward satiating the big spenders and forgetting it’s roots.

So well said Bart, and thank you


about powercreep its funny how skoona,srex3 and indot where all top meta and now they are getting powercreept
indot = there are many creatures that can kill indot now or easily work around it such as tarbognathus
skoona - outclassed by ankylos lux and arctovasilas and new counters such as thylaconyx introduced
srex3 = outclassed by refrenatem and the new op stuff


there are various other powercreep examples but this is the newest one

I am 50/50,

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That’s about it. Now that they let Rodrigues out of the bag, I have 3 in a sanctuary to FIP and FIP to request to get the thing to 20 and start fusing Allodrigues. With Spring here and summer coming, this would have been a creature worth getting me out walking and riding my bike to hunt and not just sit on my rear, spinning drops for FIP items to drip, drip, drip the DNA to build the new creatures.


Agreed 100% with the letter.

The exclusivity is the most exasperating thing with each new update, because they can no longer act like the reason for it is to keep powerful hybrids from flooding the lower arenas now that there a multitude of alliances that know how to manipulate the sanctuaries once one of their members unlocks the creature.

The game’s gotta make money to run the servers. That’s fine. That’s what the VIP subscriptions and in store incubators are for.

But if new exclusives are going to continue to be a thing, can we at least get every other older exclusive cycled out so that they can be more easily acquired, or is that asking too much?


This is probably the best way of putting this, with some great points in there. The whole purpose of the game is hunting. While I say that there should only be about 10 event exclusives to balance things out, making all of them ingredients to meta creatures isn’t a good idea. It just eliminates the point of hunting these creatures. The Rodrigues felt like a complete backstab against the community, and I don’t support it.

This is sorta the same with continentals, especially with Covid still out there. We can’t go to other countries and get them, so two are basically event exclusive for everyone. I really hope that they read that letter and take it seriously.


Ludia hasn’t really addressed what their plan is for December when Google maps stops support for the game.
Were going on 7 months since Google made the announcement, so I just assumed Ludia was trying to get as much money as possible before they shut the game down.
I can’t think of any other reason they are doing what they are doing.


Wait, what? When did they say they would shut the game down?

100% the amount of event exclusive creatures will kill motivation to play. 6 new creatures in an update. 5 of the hybrids of things we already have a lot of and the 1 non hybrid is 99.999% of the time event exclusive that also makes a very powerful hybrid or its just good in its own right. The 2 days after the update its sold in thw shop before theres even an event for it.

This isnt fun and this isnt what i sign up for back at initial release. Im starting to regret playing and advocating this game to friends and new people since it became such a huge cash grab.


Ludia didnt. But google is shutting down support for games like this. Ludia hasnt released any statement or even responded to questions about itm


Interesting I didn’t know about this. Everything is now making sense.

For me I don’t mind event exclusives as much as you guys (prob cause I’m more of a collector than a fighter) However with RS (I’m calling the new dodo reskin that) I do feel betrayed, and what’s worse, when a new creature comes out Ludia usually has them be in the next event, but that hasn’t happened with RS, two events have happened so far since the release of the update. TWO!!! and it hasn’t shown up once. However it is getting annoying that there are so many event exclusives in the game and they aren’t being rotated properly.

What gets me even more angry is the continent exclusives and it may have been ok f they didn’t have hybrids but they do and one of them has a really good hybrid that counters flocks. The only reason I was able to unlock Richicynon is because Richinia was dartable in the Chinese New Year event. And it makes me so mad that I wasn’t able to dart Richinia during the hybrid chase, not a single one.

Ludia please listen to your playerbase, if your playerbase isn’t happy with the game then they’ll leave, and that means you won’t get any money (I’m saying that because that seems to be the only thin that motivates them)


You know I remember back in the day when i started playing that i would check my phone every 15 minutes to see what spawns. If in the distance i saw at trex or other desirable epic i would stop what i was doing and try to rush over and see if i can dart it before i despawned. Man i sure miss those days.


I did the same. And going on 30-45 minute walks about 3 times a day during the summer trying to find event drops and rechecking them.


If they do shut the game down then hopefully they leave on a high note.

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And all we’ll be left with is Jurassic World the Game

They are just shutting down the maps supoort not actually shutting down the maps just the support and many games are just moving to the google recommend system instead without saying a word (apart from 2 games who said it like anyone needs to know)

They can keep running on google maps with no issue at all the system that is shutting down came out after the game was released and we saw no change then :joy:

But great article bart! :heart_eyes: